7 Must-Have Travel Games for Family Road Trips

Family Road Trip GamesIt’s officially summer road trip season, and if you’re planning to take your family on the road, check out these seven family road trip games that are sure to please all the littles in the back seat. From Mad Libs to BrainQuest, there’s so much to keep the kids busy that don’t require a battery or a charger. Take a look!

Family Road Trip Games

1. Mad Libs on the Road: I loved playing Mad Libs as a kid and this version is perfect for road trips. Plus, it’s great for teaching kids about nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc.

2. Family Road Trip Box of Questions: Created by Melissa & Doug, you’ll find 80+ conversation starters inside this box that will make your kids giggle and forget all about how long they’ve been in the car.

3. Scavenger Hunt for Kids Travel Card Game: The kids are looking out the window anyway, so why not make it fun, keeping them busy looking for stop signs, bulldozers and yellow cars with this card game.

4. U.S.A. License Plate Game: Your kids will love playing the license plate game using these wooden game boards from Melissa & Doug. Two players can use each board too with color-coded license plates to flip.

5. Travel Bingo Cards: If you’ll be on highways for a while, pick up a set of these bingo cards. Sliding covers make it easy for little ones to play without getting pieces stuck between the seats.

6. BrainQuest for the Car: I’ve always loved BrainQuest cards, and love even more that they make a set for the car. So many fun and interesting facts and trivia on these colorful cards that make learning fun.

7. Spot It! On the Road: Similar to I Spy, kid must hunt for symbols, signs and objects they might see on a road trip, but they need to be quick to find them first to win the game.

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