Free Ebook: 100 Activities to Do as a Family this Summer

100-activities-cover-freesubscribe to my newsletterI’m excited to let you know that I’ve finished my first ebook, and it’s available for free to everyone who subscribes to Kidventurous. It’s called 100 Activities to Do as a Family this Summer and it’s filled with tips, advice, even mobile apps, guides and books to help you have a fun and family-centered summer. Take a look at a few of my favorite activities:

Hunt for Fossils. Some national parks, like Glacier National Park in Montana and Big Bend National Park in Texas, are home to some amazing fossils and cultural artifacts, but you can often find fossils anywhere sedimentary rocks are exposed. Hunting for fossils is a great way to explore Earth’s past as you and your kids think about how life has changed on our planet.

Go on a Photography Walk. Some parks offer free walks to take photos of nature within the park. Or, just grab your camera or smartphone and start taking pictures of everything interesting that you and your kids see. Print them out or upload them to an online photo album to document your experiences. 

Hop Aboard a Train. Ride on a train, whether an Amtrak train to ride a few hours to a new city, or on an old-time steam train, like those at Strasburg Railroad near Lancaster, PA. Look out the window, enjoy the scenery, take pictures. Even a ride on the subway can be a great learning experience as you take in new people and places.

Stop at a Funky Roadside Attraction. Going on a road trip? Don’t forget to stop by the Giant Roller Skate inBealeton, VA or the Peachoid (a giant peach water tower) in Gaffney, SC. Wherever your travels take you, stop by first to find some of the funky spots you won’t want to miss.

Get Your Passport Stamped. Through the Passport to Your National Parks program, your kids can get their passport books stamped at national parks across the country. Each stamp records the date of the visit and the name of the national park for your child. Order a passport book online or you can buy one at many parks. Your kids will love getting new stamps every time you visit a new park.

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