Family Road Trip: 10 Printable Travel Games

I’ve been thinking a lot about our summer road trip lately, and now I keep coming across great games to play in the car. Not only will these keep my kids busy, but it will keep their eyes off the electronics for a little while. Here are 10 printable car games you may want to check out if you’re planning a family road trip (you may also want to check out my post, 5 Must-Have Activity Books for Family Road Trips).

Battleship: An easy game to play that’s similar to the one you may have played when you were a kid where you call out number-letter combinations until you sink all of your opponent’s ships.

Bingo: Here are a couple of versions, one that involves finding signs and vehicles, and another that has kids looking for things that start with letters on their cards. My kids also love Flip to Win Bingo from Melissa & Doug.

Car Search: This printable sheet lists all the major brands of cars so kids simply look out their windows and cross off the ones they see along the way.

Crossword Puzzles: You’ll find a great road trip-related crossword puzzle here with lots of clues related to car trips, like “Everyone needs to buckle this.”

Hangman: Everyone loves a good game of hangman, so this is a good one for printing out multiple copies.

License Plate Game: Print out this checklist with all 50 states and have your kids keep their eyes open to see how many license plates from different states they can find.

Mazes: There are a bunch of great mazes here that range from easy to extreme. You can also find loads of fun maze books online for hours of entertainment in the car and during hotel stays.

Scavenger Hunt: This is a great in-car scavenger hunt that challenges kids to find things they may see along the way, like a gas station and a license plate from another state.

Tic Tac Toe: This is great to print out to play this game over and over again.

Word Search: Print out these sheets with all kinds of words to find that relate to car trips, like “slow lane” and “billboard.” You’ll find more word search books for kids here.

You may also want to check out my post from last week with five math games to play on your next road trip. Do you have any great games to play in the car? Let me know!

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