5 License Plate Games for Your Next Road Trip

License Plate Games
There’s still time to get one more family road trip in before the end of summer, and if you’ve got little ones, you’ll surely be playing the traditional license plate games a time or two. If you’re looking for new ways to play this game, take a look at five picks that make learning about the states fun.

5 License Plate Games

Melissa & Doug License Plate Game: This wooden game is fun for two to play in the backseat. As the kids spot license plates from different states, they simply flip over the color-coded wooden plate on the corresponding state (red for player one, blue for player two). Best of all, no loose pieces to lose in the car.

Nifty Plates from the Fifty States: As your kids spot different license plates, they simply pull out the state’s flash card for fun and educational facts, as well as must-know facts, like the state bird, largest city, the state capital and state flag. Score sheets help kids keep track of license plates they’ve spotted on the trip.

License Plates Across the States: Travel Puzzles and Games: Kids will love this activity book, which is filled with mazes, puzzles, word searches and travel games all about the 50 states. Plus, look for license plate stickers to play the license plate game on your journey.

License Plate Game (Laminated): This laminated map of the United States includes spaces on each state for kids to write their names as they spot license plates for each state. A sheet of sample plates educates children on state abbreviations, as well as the order in which each state became a state.

The License Plate Game Book: This big book of car games includes 40 travel games to enjoy some screen-free family time while on-the-go. Not only will your kids be entertained, but they’ll also learn much about the different states as you travel. Plus, look out for a sheet of U.S. and Canadian license plate stickers.

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Do you have any games you like to play in the car when you travel? Let me know in the comments section.

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