Kids Disc Golf: A Fun Way to Get Outside as a Family

All of a sudden, I feel like disc golf is everywhere. Maybe because we’re all spending so much more time outside. It’s a fun activity and one made for the whole family.

My family and I spent a few days at a campground recently, and boom, there was a nine-hole disc golf course on-property. It was even free to rent frisbees (er, discs).

It’s a great social distancing activity, too. It’s easy to play and still remain three to six feet apart. You’ll need at least that much space to safely let your disc fly.

What is Disc Golf?

If you’re new to disc golf, I can tell you that it really is as simple as it seems. Yet, it can also be quite competitive. There’s even a Professional Disc Golf Association.

If you can fling a frisbee, you and your kids can play disc golf. It’s like golf in that your goal is to reach a hole in the least number of strokes (or throws, in this case).

You also play at least nine holes. Only, instead of holes, there are metal baskets. Instead of golf balls, there are plastic discs. Instead of clubs, you use your arms.

Also like golf, play begins from a dedicated tee area. You’ll then set your sights on the hole – an elevated metal disc golf basket that can range from 100-400 feet ahead of you.

Disc golf courses can challenge players on the fairway with obstacles, like trees, bushes and hills, even water features, like creeks and streams.

When you’re ready, throw the golf disc as far as you can in the direction of the metal basket for the hole. Holes are typically par three holes, so it should take three throws.

After everyone has thrown their discs, the player whose disc is farthest away from the hole is the first to throw on their second turn for that hole.

You can be competitive – keeping score at each hole – or play just for fun. We play for fun so no one gets hurt feelings when they don’t play as well as they’d like.

Where to Play Disc Golf?

You’ll find disc golf courses at regional parks and local campgrounds. More and more, you’ll also find stand-alone disc golf courses, like the Signal View Disc Golf Course.

This course in Woodstock, Virginia, like many other disc golf courses, has an 18-hole course for play that alternates between open meadows and forested areas.

There are intermediate and advanced tee pads at each hole for disc golfers on their way to big league tournaments, like the PDGA Disc Golf World Championships.

Yes, there are disc golf pros, including junior disc golf pros. The Disc Golf Pro Tour features many tournaments. You can even watch live on the Disc Golf Network.

You can find disc golf courses all across the country and around the world on the PDGA website. There are courses on at least six of the seven world continents.

What You Need to Get Started with Disc Golf

You could say that all you need is a frisbee to get started, but many will say that not all flying discs are created equal.

When it comes to flying discs, there is a driver, a mid-range disc and a putter. Just like golf, you’ve got dedicated discs based largely on distance from the metal basket.

You may also want to purchase a portable metal golf basket (disc golf target) to set up in your backyard so you and your kids can work on your throws and aim.

Here are a few of the must-haves to get you and your kids started with disc golf:

#1: Disc Golf Starter Set

Dynamic Discs is the gold standard when it comes to disc golf discs. Thankfully, this five-disc set is also affordable and is the perfect starter set for new players.

This disc golf set includes three drivers (Escape, Trespass and Maverick), a mid-range disc (Truth) and a putter (Judge). This is a good kids disc golf set, too.

Why three drivers? Escape is for straight and accurate shots. Maverick is nice for beginners to achieve full disc flight. Trespass is a maximum distance driver.

Check the latest price now for the Dynamic Discs disc golf starter set.

#2: Disc Golf Target

For those eager to play disc golf in their backyards, a sturdy disc golf target (or metal basket) is a must-have to practice this yard game as a family.

This particular disc golf target is an all-in-one product in that it includes not only a sturdy, fold-up disc target, but it also includes three flying discs.

This set is a good pick for the new player who wants to learn the game without leaving home. Among the three colorful discs are a driver, a mid-range disc and a putter.

Check the latest price now for the Franklin Sports disc golf target and starter discs.

#3: Disc Golf Bag

As your love for disc golf grows, you will want to pick up a weekender golf bag to store your flying discs. This particular bag can hold up to 8 to 10 discs.

More than a bag to transport your golf discs, this lightweight and durable bag has mesh pockets to carry your keys, wallet, score card and a pen or pencil.

A shoulder strap makes the bag easy to carry and a drink holder allows you to stay hydrated while on the disc golf course. As a kids disc golf bag, this works too.

Check the latest price now for the Dynamic Discs disc golf bag.

Kids Disc Golf Tips

Ready to get started? Disc golf both is and isn’t as easy as tossing a frisbee toward a target. To get your kids off on the right foot with disc golf, here’s what to know:

#1: Start in the Backyard.

Buy a starter set of golf discs and a metal basket for the backyard. This way you make it easy to get your kids outside. Even better, to play disc golf at home.

This way, kids can toss around the frisbee whenever they have time – after breakfast, before dinner, when they get home from school, on the weekends.

Kids can play disc golf on their own or as a family from the convenience of your own backyard. Make it simple to get into the happen of playing disc golf.

#2: BYOC (Build Your Own Course).

In your backyard, look for obstacles that would be just right to incorporate into a fairway for a disc golf hole. Look for trees, gardens, even trash cans and swing sets.

Also, think about doglegs. These are holes that are crooked, like the hind leg of a pup. These holes bend, maybe around the side of your house.

So maybe the tee box is in your backyard, but the target metal basket is on the side of the house. Let your kids use their imaginations to build new holes each time you play.

#3: Use Proper Golf Discs.

Once you really get going, plan to use a set of golf discs that include a driver, a mid-range disc and a putter. Practice with each one as you play a round.

Allow kids to get a feel for each golf disc so they can learn for themselves how and when to use each type of disc in game play.

There are so many factors that go into choice of golf discs when you play, including disc weight, weather (e.g., wind), distance to hole and stability.

#4: Consider a Disc Golf League.

As your kids get older and grow their love for disc golf, consider disc golf teams or disc golf leagues. There are many across the country, from Austin to Kansas City.

On The Disc Golf Scene website, you’ll find loads of disc golf leagues for all levels of play that are in the United States, in Canada and in more than two dozen countries.

Disc golf leagues can be a great way to up your skills and meet fellow like-minded disc golfers. There are plenty of junior disc golf resources, too.

If nothing else, frisbee golf for kids is a fantastic way to get kids, moms and dads outside and active. It’s fun and it’s easy to get in a quick round. Good luck!