November 22, 2017

20 Most Instagram-Worthy Roadside Attractions

There’s just something about road trips and stopping to take photos at fun and quirky roadside attractions, like Cadillac Ranch in Texas and Foamhenge in Virginia. One of my personal favorites is South of the Border, a road stop in South Carolina. You’ll see colorful billboards, like “Pedro’s Weather Report: Chili Today, Hot Tamale!,” for miles and miles (and miles). If […]

10 Tulip Gardens & Festivals to Visit with Kids

I love tulips. I really, really wanted to go to the Netherlands this year to see the tulips, but given my recent career switch into travel PR, it just wasn’t in the cards. Fortunately, I found the next best thing about 25 minutes from my house: Burnside Farms. While not the Keukenhof, there were rows and rows of tulips of all […]

Taking the Kids: 2nd or 3rd Visit to Washington, DC

There’s no question that Washington, DC is a great place to explore with kids. A visit to the U.S. Capitol, taking in the views from the top of the Washington Monument and snapping a selfie from in front of the White House are all must-do’s, of course. But, what do you do with your kids in Washington, DC once you’ve enjoyed […]

Top 10 Family-Friendly Oktoberfest Celebrations

Oktoberfest officially kicks off in Munich on Saturday (9/20), but if you have no plans to travel to Germany, but still want to take in German music, dancing, foods and games, here are 10 family-friendly Oktoberfest celebrations across the U.S. that are worth a visit: 1. Oktoberfest Chicago. Hosted by St. Alphonsus Church, head to Oktoberfest Chicago for bratwurst, traditional […]

5 Fun & Tasty Food Museums

Want to take your kids to a museum that’s fun, quirky, educational and all about one of their favorite (or not so favorite) foods? Then, stop in one of a handful of fun museums in the U.S. that are dedicated to food, whether the potato, the banana or even SPAM. Take a look at five museums worth checking out: Idaho […]

Have a Library Card? Get Free Museum Passes.

Well, here’s another great reason to get a library card. Many public library systems around the country are offering free museum passes to library card holders. Yes, free. In many cases, you simply go online to the library system websites, select the date of your visit and print your passes. Other library systems require you to check out a free […]

Spring Break: 5 Fun & Family-Friendly Hotel Packages

It’s been feeling rather spring-like around here the last couple of weeks, so I definitely have been feeling the need to get out of town. If you’re hoping to get away for a few days with your family too, why not do something a little different this year, like go on a Madascar or American Girl-themed vacation. Or, maybe head […]

Get Buggy: 8 Museums to Learn All About Insects

My eight-year-old daughter, Clare, is definitely a get-in-the-dirt kind of girl. In the spring, she loves to go out into the backyard to find roly-polys and other bugs for her bug box. So I’m sure she’ll love going to a museum dedicated to all things insects. If you have little ones who are into bugs too, take a look at […]

Washington, DC: 5 Presidential Experiences that Don’t Involve the White House

When visitors come to Washington, DC, they naturally want to take a tour of the White House. Well, White House tour tickets can be difficult to obtain, and now, all tickets must be submitted through one’s Member of Congress (along with the Social Security number of every member in your party). So why not enjoy a few other presidential activities […]