January 21, 2018

50 Things to Do in & Around Washington, DC Over Winter Break

There’s a lot to do in and around the Washington, DC area with kids, almost too much to do. So, if you live in the area, or are planning to play a visit during the winter holidays, take a look at 50 fun and easy things to do with your kids. 1. Be Like Indiana Jones. Head to the National […]

25 Best Things to Do in Washington, DC this Summer

School is nearly out for the year and now is the time to start putting plans in place to have the best summer. If your plans will bring you to Washington, DC then you’ll love this list of 25 things that you must do this summer in our Nation’s Capital. From taking in a Washington Nationals baseball game to going […]

5 Easter Weekend Family Escapes

It looks like winter is finally behind us and it’s time to start thinking about Easter, which is less than one week away. For my kids, Easter falls at the end of Spring Break, and since we’re staying home during the break this year, I’m starting to hunt around for fun Easter-themed hotel packages. If you’re staying in-town too, think about getting away […]

Taking the Kids: 2nd or 3rd Visit to Washington, DC

There’s no question that Washington, DC is a great place to explore with kids. A visit to the U.S. Capitol, taking in the views from the top of the Washington Monument and snapping a selfie from in front of the White House are all must-do’s, of course. But, what do you do with your kids in Washington, DC once you’ve enjoyed […]

Voluntourism: 8 Ways to Give Back on Your Family Vacation

Voluntourism is big and it’s not just for adults. There are lots of programs at hotels and resorts that enable families and children to give back. You can even work directly with non-profits themselves, like Together for Good and Stuff Your Rucksack, which will let you know what’s needed at schools and orphanages in communities near your travel destination. Whether […]

Stray Boots: Our First Family Scavenger Hunt

I’ve written a few times about scavenger hunts as fun ways to explore new cities or areas of town. Over the weekend, I had a chance to try one out for myself in Washington, DC as my kids and I took on the Smithsonian+Art Adventure from Stray Boots. The starting point was the Smithsonian Castle, so we parked nearby (an […]

20 Free Things to Do with Kids in Washington, DC

One of the things I love most about Washington, DC is that there’s so much to do that’s free. You could easily spend a week in our Nation’s Capital without spending a penny on attractions. Take a look at 20 of my favorite free things to do with kids in Washington, DC. 1. Enjoy a Free Performance at the Kennedy […]

25 Things to Do with Kids in Washington, DC

We got our last snow yesterday (fingers crossed that it really was the last snowfall), so I’m moving on and am getting excited about spring here in Washington, DC. So, naturally I had to put together a post with 25 super-fun things to do with kids in and around our Nation’s Capital now that the weather is (almost) warm. Here […]

Exploring with Kids: National Postal Museum

Over the weekend, I took three of my kids to the National Postal Museum in Washington, DC. I’d wanted to go to this often-overlooked Smithsonian museum for ages, and was so glad that I finally made the time. There’s plenty for little ones to do at the National Postal Museum, including a scavenger hunt and lots of interactive activities to […]

Stay Classy DC: The Newseum’s Anchorman Exhibit

I’ve always been a big fan of the Newseum. It’s a fantastic museum in Washington, DC that teaches about the history of news in a way that is interactive and fun. There are loads of hands-on activities that both kids and adults will love, like touch-screen kiosks that allow visitors to be reporters or photographers, as well as news desks […]