November 22, 2017

20 Most Instagram-Worthy Roadside Attractions

There’s just something about road trips and stopping to take photos at fun and quirky roadside attractions, like Cadillac Ranch in Texas and Foamhenge in Virginia. One of my personal favorites is South of the Border, a road stop in South Carolina. You’ll see colorful billboards, like “Pedro’s Weather Report: Chili Today, Hot Tamale!,” for miles and miles (and miles). If […]

Sleep in a Teepee: 8 Places to Do Just That

I really, really want to stay in a teepee during our road trip this summer. I know, that sounds random. But, seriously, how fun would that be? Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked out, at least not yet. Most teepees are better suited for a family of four, and those that do sleep five or six aren’t on our route. However, sleeping […]

Top 6 Spots to Get Down with Dinosaurs

If you have a little dinosaur lover at home, you’ve probably seen every dinosaur bone at your local natural history museum and then some. With little ones, life-sized animatronic or model dinosaurs can really bring their imaginations to life, and it’s amazing all the places you can see dinosaurs these days, from amusement parks to children’s museums to entire parks […]

7 Underground Adventures for You and Your Kids

Luray Caverns is a popular attraction about 90 minutes from my house and I’m excited to take my kids there this summer. As usual, one trip idea led me to think about other areas around the country that offer similar experiences for kids to engage in some underground exploration. Here are seven caves worth checking out this summer with your […]

7 Weird & Wacky Museums Your Kids Will Love

I love what my kids can learn from museums dedicated to art, history and science, but sometimes you just need to get off the beaten path and go to one of the weird and wacky museums that can be found in every corner of the country. Here are seven of my favorites that are worth checking out as a family. […]