September 24, 2017

Best Places to Travel with Kids in January

The holidays have come and gone. Everyone in the house is back to work and school. Already you’re starting to hear an “I’m bored” here and there (now that the novelty of holiday gifts has worn off), so now is the time for a getaway. Here are 10 of the best places to visit with kids in January. Have fun. […]

6 Things to Do with Kids in San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’ve ever taken a cruise to the Caribbean, there’s a pretty good chance you stopped in Puerto Rico. A major port of call, many of the cruise lines stop in San Juan to let passengers explore this colorful city. In fact, the island has seen a 135% increase in visits by cruise ship passengers in the last two years. So, […]

Kayaking in Puerto Rico: Perfect Date Night or Missed Learning Opportunity?

When I started to plan our recent trip to Puerto Rico I knew that I wanted to kayak in one of the mysterious bioluminescent bays. Puerto Rico is home to three of these “bio bays” that glow with a bluish light when the water is agitated. Lucky for us, Laguna Grande was in Fajardo, not ten minutes away from our rental […]

Visiting the El Yunque Rainforest with Kids

It’s a beautiful day here in Puerto Rico. The sun is shining and today we headed to the El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical rainforest in North America. When I was planning our Spring Break getaway, El Yunque was one of major selling points, and I was not disappointed by the beauty and uniqueness of this island treasure. It’s […]

6 Things You May Not Know About Puerto Rico

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon here in Washington, DC given by the San Juan Marriott in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since my family and I are flying to Puerto Rico for Spring Break in a few weeks, I was of course interested in learning more about the island. While I learned lots of fun […]

How I’m Using Pinterest to Plan My Trip to Puerto Rico

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit late to the Pinterest party, but in the last few weeks I’ve definitely made up for lost time. Not only have I created a bunch of family travel pin boards for Kidventurous, but I’ve also constructed some fun boards for my day job, like this recipes board filled with Heart-Shaped Favorites. Once I came […]