7 Hotel Family Suites that Will Wow Your Kids

It’s one thing to wow your kids with a trip to Walt Disney World or a getaway to New York City, but it’s something else for part of the “wow” to be the accommodations. More than just basic suites with coffee makers and kitchenettes, these seven family suites will (almost) make your kids not want to leave the room for the duration of your stay. Take a look: 

despicable me kids suites

1. Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. Little Despicable Me fans in your life will love the Despicable Me Kids Suites at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando. These suites come with a king bedroom plus two custom-created missile beds, enabling your kids to sleep just like Margo, Edith and Agnes do in the popular movie. As a bonus, Minion-themed bedding. Also, look for a wall completely wallpapered with Minions, as well as various other Minion decorations.

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disneyland hotel

2. Disneyland Hotel. Book a stay at the Disneyland Hotel in California and be sure to request the Mickey Mouse Penthouse. The 1,600 square foot penthouse includes two bedrooms, two and one-half bathrooms and Mickey Mouse décor throughout the suite, including photos and sketches from the Disney library. The master bedroom features a king bed, while the second bedroom has a round bed and doubles as a play room.

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holiday inn phuket

3. Holiday Inn Phuket. At the Holiday Inn Phuket (yes, in Thailand), ask for a Family Suite and you and your kids will be treated to a two-bedroom suite that includes a king bed for mom and dad, as well as a children’s room with either a pirate or sea world theme. Look for boat-style beds and colorful theme decorations on the walls.

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adventure suites-treehouse

4. Adventure Suites. A stay at Adventure Suites in New Hampshire is just that, an adventure. Every room at the hotel is a fun, completely tricked out suite. Kids will love the Treehouse room that includes a “front yard” with Mr. Tree Trunk, a carousel horse for the kids to ride and a tree trunk that kids can crawl inside and explore. For breakfast, head to the on-site 50’s Diner for complimentary make-your-own waffles, breakfast sandwiches and more.

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great wolf lodge-kidcamp

5. Great Wolf Lodge. If you plan to stay at any of the 11 Great Wolf Lodge locations, it’s a must to stay in one of their kid-centric suites, like the KidCabin Suite, which includes a log cabin that serves as the sleeping area for the kids. Or, choose from a KidCamp Suite, which includes a “tent” for the kids, or the Wolf Den Suite, which features two bunk beds inside a den for the kids.

eloise suite-plaza

6. The Plaza. It should come as no surprise that The Plaza in New York now has an Eloise Suite (or that you must contact the “Eloise Ambassador” at the hotel in order to book the room). Inside this two room suite you’ll find zebra-print carpet, a chandelier and a king-size bed with custom Eloise bedding, as well as various Eloise books, DVDs, robes and towels.

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truck luxury theme-fantasyland hotel

7. Fantasyland Hotel. Head to the Fantasyland Hotel, located in Edmonton, Canada, not at Walt Disney World, for one-of-a-kind luxury family suites with some amazingly fun kid-friendly themes. Try the Igloo Luxury Theme suite, which includes a round queen-size bed in an igloo and a set of bunk beds. Or, stay in the Truck Luxury Theme suite so the kids can sleep in fire engine bunk beds.

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Photo Credits: Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Disneyland Hotel, Holiday Inn Phuket, Adventure Suites, Great Wolf Lodge, Brown Eyed Belle Julie (Eloise Suite) and Fantasyland Hotel.