5 Rental Car Sites You Must Bookmark Now

rental car photoI don’t rent cars often, but when I do, I want to save money. Fortunately, there are several fantastic resources on the web that are worth a bookmark if you want the best deal on a car rental, even an RV rental. There’s also the option to rent out your own car to other travelers (and make money when you do). Here are five rental car websites to bookmark now before you forget.

1. AutoSlash. I’ve used AutoSlash several times and cannot love this website more. Simply book your rental car like you would on any other car rental website. Then, AutoSlash will begin to hunt for lower rates and will automatically re-book you. If the rate is with another company, it will ask you first, then re-book you. While a lower rate is not guaranteed, I saved 50% the last two times I booked with them.

2. Transfercar. I learned about Transfercar a few days ago from my friend Suzanne at About Family Vacations and am eager to check out this service for myself. Perfect for road trips, Transfercar helps rental car agencies move cars, even RVs, from one location to another, and you get to drive them for free. You do need to have flexibility, and the focus is on the west now, but this is one site worth a bookmark.

3. Car Rental Express. Many times you’re limited to the major car rental companies when you book a car with Expedia or Travelocity. Enter Car Rental Express. This site claims to hunt down rates at independent car rental agencies located just outside major airports, enabling you to save money by avoiding companies that charge airport fees back to you. You may also get freebies, like toll passes and car seats, with the independents, too.

4. VroomVroomVroom. Looking for an RV rental? If you can’t find one going where you want to go with Transfercar, look to VroomVroomVroom. They have loads of RVs available for pick up all across the country at very good rates. They also help travelers find and book RV rentals in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

5. FlightCar. While not a traditional rental car website, you’ll save money when you rent someone else’s car at select airports using FlightCar (all thanks to the new “sharing economy”). Even better, you can allow another traveler to rent your car while you’re out of town and score free parking, even a percentage of the daily rate. I did this on a week-long trip to Orlando and it worked out perfectly.

Do you have any great tips for booking a rental car? Let me know in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: KielerSonne