15 Fantastic Things to Do at SeaWorld San Antonio

As part of our epic cross-country summer road trip a few years ago, we made a stop in San Antonio to see the Alamo, take a river cruise on the San Antonio River, and of course, spend the day at SeaWorld San Antonio.

While I like to expose my kids to history, culture and national parks, I know that I also need to build in days for their kind of fun when I put together itineraries, and our day at SeaWorld San Antonio was just that, a full day of fun.

We stayed not far from the park – at the Omni San Antonio Hotel – so we were able to get there fairly close to opening time at the park. That was a good thing too because there was a lot to keep us busy between SeaWorld and Aquatica, SeaWorld’s water park.

Things to Do at SeaWorld San Antonio

A lot has changed and been updated in the last few years, so here’s the scoop on what’s new and notable now for kids and families among SeaWorld San Antonio attractions.

Here are 15 things you must do if you plan to visit this super-fun theme park as a family. For more San Antonio fun, check out my related post on Things to Do in San Antonio, Texas.

Start by getting your tickets for SeaWorld in San Antonio ahead of time to avoid lines at the attractions when you arrive. Buy single day tickets or multi day tickets now (like, right now). It’s definitely worth it to purchase a two-park flex ticket to go to both parks on the same day. 

#1: Explore Turtle Reef

In May 2019, Turtle Reef opened to the public, enabling guests an up-close look at endangered and threatened sea turtles in their natural habitat.

Turtle Reef is one of the newest SeaWorld attractions and is part of a larger experience – a 126,000-gallon coral reef themed environment – featuring green sea turtles and hundreds of vibrantly-colored tropical fish.

#2: Watch the Sea Lion Show

SeaWorld San Antonio’s sea lion show called Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High is so much fun. Your kids will love watching the sea lions perform tricks and interact with the trainers and audience as they go back to school in search of diplomas (my kids loved this show). 

Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High#3: Get the All Day Dining Deal

If you plan to spend all day at the park, it’s a must to grab the all day dining plan. With this you get one entrée, one side or dessert, and one drink every time you go through the line (as many times as you want).

This was great when the kids just wanted a snack or a drink. SeaWorld San Antonio also has an All-Season Dining Deal (an even more wallet-friendly meal deal!).

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#4: Feed the Sea Lions

Head to Pacific Point Preserve inside the park to visit with the sea lions. You can either stop by during designated feeding times or spend a few dollars to purchase some fish to feed them yourselves.

Note that these guys can get pretty loud when they see you holding a fish or two. Also, head to Discovery Point for dolphins when visiting SeaWorld San Antonio.

Sea Lions at Pacific Point Preserve#5: Meet Animal Experts Throughout the Day

Head to the Animal Connections Conservation Center to meet animal experts, as well as the animals they care for at SeaWorld San Antonio.

It’s a great way to help your kids learn about protecting and caring for the rescued animals at the park. Kids can get up-close with penguins, dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions and more. 

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#6: Pose with Sesame Street Characters

For the little littles in your family, head to the three-acre Sesame Street Bay of Play, which has at least a half-dozen rides just for small kids, including Grover’s Round-Up (a colorful carousel) and Big Bird’s Spinning Reef (a Ferris Wheel).

An interactive water playground called Little Bird’s Splash will keep little ones busy with more than 20 water elements, like bubblers and geysers. 

Sesame Street Bay of Play#7: Plan to Eat During Show Times

It’s a good idea to grab lunch or snacks during off-times, but at SeaWorld, it’s an especially good time to eat while everyone else is watching one of the big SeaWorld San Antonio shows. Consult the show schedule and plan for meals during the shows. Hungry kids do not like to wait in lines!

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#8: Cool Down at Aquatica

It can get really hot in San Antonio, so spend some time on the water slides and lazy river at Aquatica. Be sure to ride Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, a steep, multi-drop tower slide that debuted at Aquatica in 2019. It’s also a must to ride Rio Loco, a thrilling whitewater rapids ride.

Keep in mind that Aquatica closes before the rest of the park, so plan your day accordingly. You’ll also need to purchase a multi-park flex ticket, but it’s totally worth it. 

Aquatica Water Park at SeaWorld#9: Make Time for One Ocean

One Ocean is probably the most popular show at SeaWorld San Antonio. Seats can fill up quickly so you’ll want to get there early, but it’s worth it.

Arrive at least 30 minutes in advance and you’ll be entertained by a warm-up performer (who happens to spray water into the crowd!).

This kid-friendly show takes guests on an uplifting celebration of life under the sea, inspiring with the message that we are all part of one world and one ocean. You will get wet if you sit in the splash zone.

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#10: Ride All the Rides

But definitely make time for brand new rides, like Riptide Rescue, a boat ride that takes guests on a sea turtle rescue mission.

A second ride, Sea Swinger, also debuted in 2019. This thrill ride swings riders 180-degrees in both directions, putting riders near parallel with the ground.

Another one of the top SeaWorld San Antonio roller coasters is the Steel Eel. This is the tallest roller coaster at 15 stories tall. For thrill-seekers, it’s a must to ride this hypercoaster.

In Spring 2020, look for the new Texas Stingray, which is set to be the tallest, fastest and longest wooden roller coaster in Texas. No matter what, ride all the rides at SeaWorld San Antonio. You will have a blast.

#11: Try a Behind-the-Scenes Tour

SeaWorld San Antonio offers multiple behind-the-scenes tours at the park. Sure, it’s an extra fee, but learning about the work SeaWorld does to rescue and rehabilitate manatees and sea turtles is pretty incredible. 

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#12: Learn the Mysteries of Killer Whales

Get an up-close look at killer whales as trainers share their deep understanding of orcas. This interactive presentation educates guests on the orcas’ habitats and native behaviors in the wild.

Killer Whales (Orcas) at SeaWorld San Antonio#13: Don’t Forget about Animal Encounters at Aquatica

There may be flamingos, penguins, orcas and sea lions at SeaWorld, but you’ll find plenty of animals to visit with at Aquatica, too. Head to Roa’s Aviary to see 300 tropical birds. Go early in the morning and pick up a free cup of food for the birds.

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#14: Settle in for the Pets Ahoy Show

Head to the Sea Star Theater for the Pets Ahoy live show. Your kids won’t be able to take their eyes off the stage as dogs, cats, parrots, pigs and more perform funny tricks and steal the show.

As a bonus, stay once the show is over to meet and greet the animals on stage. This was easily one of my favorite SeaWorld activities.

The animals were seriously so adorable. It’s nice to be able to settle in, take a break, then get back to all the super-fun SeaWorld San Antonio rides. 

Pets Ahoy Show at SeaWorld San Antonio#15: Buy a Fun Card

It’s not a season pass. It’s a Fun Card. Even better, when you buy one now, you’ll get all of 2020, plus you’ll get the rest of 2019 free, including SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration. Such a great way to save on SeaWorld San Antonio admission tickets. 

I hope this gives you a good idea of what to do at SeaWorld San Antonio. Since there’s so much to see and do, feel free to take a look at the SeaWorld San Antonio map to know where to go before you go. 

But first, avoid the lines. Get your SeaWorld San Antonio park tickets online ahead of time. Buy single or multi day tickets now. Curious about things to do at SeaWorld Orlando? I’ve got you covered there too. Or, click here for more on what to do in San Antonio

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