July 22, 2017

Where Not to Take the Kids for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving turkey

Last month, I wrote an article for Fodors.com called Where to Go This Thanksgiving, which featured ten cities around the world that are ideal for a long-weekend getaway. On my list: New Orleans (turducken, yum), Reykjavik (it’s an easy hop to Iceland from the east coast and you can even find a turkey buffet or two) and Breckenridge (look for good prices on lift tickets in November).

There are also a number of places you should avoid at Thanksgiving, at least according to Fly.com, which recently advised travelers to go west for savings (for example, fares to Hawaii are down during the Thanksgiving time period). So, where should you not fly over Thanksgiving? Florida.

If you haven’t already noticed, fares to Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and Miami are all up, up, up for the holiday season. In fact, Fly.com noted that fares to these four Florida cities are all up 18% to 25% during the November 21-30 time period. This is no surprise to me given I recently booked seven tickets to Tampa for that week (expensive) even though our vacation rental is in Orlando (more expensive).

Don’t get me wrong. I love Florida. My in-laws have a vacation home in the Ft. Lauderdale area and we travel to Florida at least once or twice a year. However, at these prices, it may pay to take your family elsewhere for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Among the destinations suggested by Fly.com: Honolulu and Seattle. While the cost to fly to Seattle over Thanksgiving week is actually up 3% over last year (FYI, fares to Honolulu are down 4% year-over-year), this increase is still a lot less than the increases in airfares to many other cities across the country. Of course, if you live on the east coast, it’s likely still cheaper to fly to Florida over west coast cities.

If you want to take the kids on a trip before Thanksgiving (i.e., prior to November 20), look to Dallas, San Francisco, Honolulu and Los Angeles for good fares. For post-Thanksgiving getaways (December 1-21), look to Los Angeles, Denver, Maui and Phoenix.

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