February 19, 2018

Twitter Tuesday: 8 New Travel Sites to Follow


It’s Twitter Tuesday here at Kidventurous, so last night I took some time to go through some of new followers on Twitter and found some very cool travel-related sites and planners worth following for great tips, advice and photos. Take a look at six to follow on Twitter for help with all your travel planning needs.

@JetpacApp: You’ll find lots of tips and photos in the Twitter stream, but head to their website, Jetpac, to learn which of your friends have been to places you’d like to visit (by connecting through Facebook). It’s a fun way to be inspired and build your travel bucket list.

@TheHipmunk: Hipmunk aims to make travel planning easier, enabling you to see flight results in a visual timeline and hotels on a map so you can make choices based on landmarks around them. So much easier to figure out a hotel’s location versus a street address alone.

@MyCampmate: The official Twitter account for myCampmate, this is a cool desktop and mobile app for campers and outdoors-y types to check out. Share outdoor experiences, tips and hits by placing pins on maps. The site also makes it easy to coordinate trips with friends.

@Trekity: You’ll find lots of beautiful travel videos in this Twitter feed right now, but the website, Trekity, is worth checking out on its own. Check boxes for when you want to travel, who you are (e.g., nature lover, foodie, etc.) and where you want to go for loads of travel suggestions.

@TriplApp: This Twitter account is affiliated with Tripl, a new social travel service that helps you find and interact with travelers and locals you find through your friends. It’s still growing, but it does seem like an easy way to meet friends of friends while on the road (or in your hometown).

@Tripping: Similar to Tripl, Tripping works to connect you with other people your friends know for travel tips, meetups and homestays. This could be a fun way to meet other families while traveling (especially great when kids are extra eager to just play with other kids!).

Then there are two more Twitter accounts that started following me that have not yet launched their services, but I’m looking forward to when they go live.

@GeoramaTravel: The twitter feed for Georama claims the new travel portal will make the online travel process easy, efficient and social. I’m all about any tools that make travel planning simpler, so I look forward to what this site has to offer.

@TripStory: Perfect for your summer travel adventures, this coming-soon website, TripStory, aims to take your photo books to the next level, turning them into customized travel books with specialized travel layouts, maps, itineraries, flags and more.

Do you have any favorite travel helpers that you like to follow on Twitter? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to follow me at @Kidventurous for daily family travel tweets.


  1. Phil Jeffers says:

    Hi Erin,

    Found you on twitter, and love your quality tweets, as well as your site! It’s always refreshing to have quick access to quality info, instead of sifting through a bunch of spammy nonsense 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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