May 22, 2017

Travel Guides: Explore Europe for Free with Kids

paris skyline

I know I don’t need to tell you that getting to Europe can cost a pretty penny. We flew to Ireland (Cork) last summer and paid an outrageous amount of money for the six of us to fly. The one upside, however, is that I put the purchase on my American Express Premier Rewards Card, which doles out triple the points on airline ticket purchases. So, there’s that.

Okay, so yes, getting to Europe can be expensive. Fortunately, Daniel Davidson (find him on Twitter at @FreeTravelIdeas) has a whole series of books which list out loads of free things you can do in various cities and countries, helping to make your money go a little further when you travel to Europe. Take a look:

222 Free Things to Do in the United Kingdom: Inside this $3.99 Kindle ebook you’ll find castles, museums, art galleries, festivals, recitals and more across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that you can explore for free. The first half of the book focuses on free activities across the UK, while the second half focuses on London.

119 Free Things to Do in London: If you’ve been to London, you know that paying $2.99 for a Kindle book that shares 100+ things to do for free is well worth the money. Wander dozens of art galleries and museums for free, including the popular British Museum. Look for plenty of festivals, recitals, gardens and tours, as well.

101 Free Things to Do in Paris: For $2.99, you’ll get loads of free activities all in one place, like cultural walking tours, free concerts and garden walks. As a bonus, the Musee d’Orsay (year-round) and the Louvre (Oct-Mar) both have free admission the first Sunday of each month. The book also includes free things to do at Disneyland Paris.

111 Free Things to Do in Central Europe: Planning a trip to Prague, Budapest or Krakow? Then, you’ll want to get your hands on this free Kindle ebook. Get the scoop on a bunch of free walking tours, festivals, gardens, fortresses and more that you’ll want to visit while on your trip. As a bonus, many of these cities are also less expensive when it comes to hotels.

123 Free Things to Do in Spain: My husband is eager to go to Spain next summer, so I just got my hands on this $3.99 Kindle ebook. I’m especially excited about visiting the Picasso Museum in Barcelona for free (on Sunday afternoons). Plus, there are lots of windmills, lighthouses and neighborhoods to explore at no cost. Should be fun. 🙂

100 Free Things to Do in Switzerland: Switzerland is on my must-go list for sure, particularly for free activities like ski schools, castles, medieval churches, bike rentals, cable cars, gardens, outdoor film nights and more. This Kindle ebook is just $1.99, so I may need to start pricing out a trip to take advantage of all these fun activities.

101 Fun Things to Do in Rome & Italy: I was in Rome, Florence and Venice 15 years ago (has it really been that long?), so I think I’m due for a return trip. Inside this $2.99 Kindle ebook, you’ll find free must-dos like tours of historic ruins, children’s art museums, film festivals and thermal baths. You can even watch how gondolas are made for free in Venice. Fun!

114 Things to Do in Amsterdam: Now it’s been almost 25 years since I’ve been to Amsterdam. Must. Go. Back. Explore free museums, skate nights, jazz clubs, outdoor concerts, urban beaches and more that you’ll find inside this $2.99 ebook for your Kindle. Also, be sure to check out free terraces with amazing views, as well as free storytimes and working farms.

110 Free Things to Do in Germany: For $2.99, get access to loads of free things to do, like tours of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, entrance to BMW World and walking tours of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. There are also a bunch of museums, festivals, lunchtime concerts, movie screenings and gardens that are free to enjoy.

Photo Credit: James Whitesmith (Paris Skyline)

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