January 23, 2018

Top 6 Spots to Get Down with Dinosaurs


If you have a little dinosaur lover at home, you’ve probably seen every dinosaur bone at your local natural history museum and then some. With little ones, life-sized animatronic or model dinosaurs can really bring their imaginations to life, and it’s amazing all the places you can see dinosaurs these days, from amusement parks to children’s museums to entire parks dedicated to dinosaurs, like Dinosaur World. Take a look at six of my favorite spots to see dinos.

Kings Island (Mason, OH): The Cedar Fair theme parks, including Kings Island as well as Kings Dominion, have a special area called Dinosaurs Alive, which features more than 60 life-sized dinosaurs, including some of the most recent dinosaur discoveries and even a “walking” dinosaur. Dinosaurs Alive is an extra $5 fee on top of park admission.

Field Station Dinosaurs (Secaucus, NJ): Kids will love the 30-plus life-sized and very realistic looking dinosaurs at this attraction that’s located just minutes outside New York City. One of the highlights is Argentinosaurus, the largest animatronic dinosaur ever made.

Dinosaur World: Look out for over 150 dinosaurs at this popular outdoor museum that can be found in Plant City, FL, Cave City, KY and Glen Rose, KY. The dinosaur models, some up to 80 feet in length, are based on the latest scientific discoveries and are sure to thrill any dino enthusiast.

The Dinosaur Museum (Blanding, UT): Look out for featured exhibits on feathered dinosaurs, eggs and babies, and even an exhibit on the history of dinosaurs in the movies. And, of course, you’ll find plenty of dinosaur sculptures from across the globe.

Utah Field House of Natural History Museum (Vernal, UT): A trip to Utah is not complete without delving into the dinosaur age. You’ll find an extensive collection of fossils, dinosaur sculptures, and even a Dinosaur Garden featuring life-size replicas of Stegosaurus, Triceratops and more.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: Head to Indiana for Dinosphere, one of the largest displays of dinosaur fossils in the United States. Kids will love the hands-on dig and other interactive activities that will enable them to learn more about these popular prehistoric creatures.

Do you have a paleontologist-in-training? What are some of your favorite places to go to explore dinosaurs and prehistoric fossils? Let us know in the comments section below.

This is a guest post written by Erin at Well Rounded Kid who likes to provide ideas, adventures and inspiration to help parents provide the best for their children.

Photo Credit: Anna Harris


  1. Awesome spots! Thanks for sharing. The Houston Museum of Natural Science has an impressive dino hall now (just opened), and there is a dino special exhibit at the Houston Zoo right now.

    I see this post was written by someone else. If you ever want a guest post about Houston, let me know!

    madmaxandfamily (at) gmail.


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