September 24, 2017

20 Most Instagram-Worthy Roadside Attractions

There’s just something about road trips and stopping to take photos at fun and quirky roadside attractions, like Cadillac Ranch in Texas and Foamhenge in Virginia. One of my personal favorites is South of the Border, a road stop in South Carolina. You’ll see colorful billboards, like “Pedro’s Weather Report: Chili Today, Hot Tamale!,” for miles and miles (and miles). If […]

Top 10 Family-Friendly Oktoberfest Celebrations

Oktoberfest officially kicks off in Munich on Saturday (9/20), but if you have no plans to travel to Germany, but still want to take in German music, dancing, foods and games, here are 10 family-friendly Oktoberfest celebrations across the U.S. that are worth a visit: 1. Oktoberfest Chicago. Hosted by St. Alphonsus Church, head to Oktoberfest Chicago for bratwurst, traditional […]

10 Fun Things to Do in Seattle with Kids

If Seattle is still on your mind following last night’s Super Bowl win, I think you’ll be pleased to know that Seattle is a fantastic city for kids. There’s so much to do, including many free activities that are must-do’s for you and your kids. Take a look at ten of my favorite kid-friendly activities in Seattle: 1. See Fish […]

Top-10 Family-Friendly Airports in the U.S.

Some days it can be tough to travel with kids in tow, particularly when having to deal with flight delays, or worse, flight cancellations. Fortunately, more and more airports are offering parents a respite by adding play areas, museums, aquariums, even nursing rooms, to the terminals. FlipKey, a popular vacation rental website, took a look at family-friendly amenities offered at […]

Have a Library Card? Get Free Museum Passes.

Well, here’s another great reason to get a library card. Many public library systems around the country are offering free museum passes to library card holders. Yes, free. In many cases, you simply go online to the library system websites, select the date of your visit and print your passes. Other library systems require you to check out a free […]

Spring Break: 5 Fun & Family-Friendly Hotel Packages

It’s been feeling rather spring-like around here the last couple of weeks, so I definitely have been feeling the need to get out of town. If you’re hoping to get away for a few days with your family too, why not do something a little different this year, like go on a Madascar or American Girl-themed vacation. Or, maybe head […]

6 Places for Kids to Learn About Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s Martin Luther King Day, and it’s a great time to teach your kids about this incredible civil rights leader. There are memorials and monuments across the country dedicated to Dr. King, providing you with wonderful learning opportunities to teach about the principles of freedom and equality. Here are six worth checking out as a family. Dr. Martin Luther King, […]

Get in Free: 10 Cities to Check Out for Free Family Fun

I love free. Okay, who doesn’t love free? When you travel, and you have kids in tow, free is especially good. So lately I’ve stumbled across a variety of posts touting free things to do in cities across the country and the world, like parks, museums and walk tours, and here are ten of my favorites. Boston: If you’re headed […]

Get Buggy: 8 Museums to Learn All About Insects

My eight-year-old daughter, Clare, is definitely a get-in-the-dirt kind of girl. In the spring, she loves to go out into the backyard to find roly-polys and other bugs for her bug box. So I’m sure she’ll love going to a museum dedicated to all things insects. If you have little ones who are into bugs too, take a look at […]

Public Art Sculptures Your Kids Will Love (Beans, Blue Bears + Trolls)

If your kids aren’t up for art galleries and exhibitions, why not check out the public art sculptures that can be found in so many cities across the country. Here are just a few that I know will turn their heads. They may not even believe they’re works of art. The Awakening (Washington, DC): Your kids will be in awe […]