November 22, 2017

10 Cool Things I Just Learned About Europe

On Monday, I attended the Visit Europe Media Exchange (VEMEX) in New York, which essentially is an opportunity for travel media and bloggers to meet one-on-one with representatives from various European countries and cities to learn what’s new. It was certainly a valuable day of meetings. Take look at 10 cool things I learned about Europe throughout the day: 1. […]

Travel Guides: Explore Europe for Free with Kids

I know I don’t need to tell you that getting to Europe can cost a pretty penny. We flew to Ireland (Cork) last summer and paid an outrageous amount of money for the six of us to fly. The one upside, however, is that I put the purchase on my American Express Premier Rewards Card, which doles out triple the […]

9 Sweet Treats & Tours for Chocolate Lovers

With just one day until Valentine’s Day my mind is on chocolate. Given the average American consumes nearly 25 pounds of chocolate each year, I’d say that chocolate is on many people’s minds. While it’s nice to eat chocolate (okay, it’s really nice), how about learning more about chocolate from cocoa bean to chocolate bar. Take a look at these […]