July 22, 2017

Survey: Top Holiday Travel Anxieties (Ugly Sweaters)

ugly christmas sweaterI spotted a national survey from Choice Hotels this morning on top holiday travel anxieties that made me laugh, largely because all of my family lives nearby so I’ve not found myself in most of these situations, but maybe you have. Among the most common anxieties:

Accidentally Seeing a Relative Naked: Right away, I’m glad I don’t travel for the holidays if this actually happens.

Eating a Meal from a “Not So Great” Cook: I would be the “not so great” cook in this equation, so I’m glad that relatives are not coming to stay with me.

Participating in Uncomfortable Family Traditions: We have some fun family traditions, but fortunately, we don’t do ugly holiday sweaters, though this Ugly Sweater Run does look pretty fun.

Having to Sleep on an Air Mattress or on the Floor: I can count very few times when I’ve needed to sleep on the floor, but it would be tough to look forward to a family holiday if this was the plan.

Getting into an Argument with a Relative: This could happen whether traveling near or far for the holidays, but at least if you’re spending the holidays nearby you can just pick up and leave.

Having to Share a Room with a Sibling or Relative: Of course, I love my family, but I may like my privacy and alone time more. A hotel room would make sense just to get some space at the end of the day.

The survey also revealed that holiday travelers cite a variety of issues when staying with family and friends over the holidays, like being woken up before they’re ready (39%) and having to wait to use the bathroom (25%).

Are you planning to travel during the holiday season? Will you be staying with friends/family or do you plan to stay in a hotel during your stay? Let me know in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: Dave Scelfo

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