May 22, 2017

Spring Break: There’s Still Time to Plan a Perfect Getaway

spring break familyGiven Easter is so late this year (April 20), many families won’t be enjoying Spring Break for another five weeks, and yes, there is still plenty of time to plan and organize a family getaway, particularly if you want to stay in a vacation rental over the break. Recently, I wrote a post for that I thought you might find helpful titled 5 Tips to Plan a Perfect Spring Break Getaway.

I’ve used several times to book vacation rentals for my family of six, including two condos in Puerto Rico and a house in Kissimmee, Florida. I’ve also used to book one-bedroom apartments in Vienna and Prague when I took two of my girls on a winter holiday in 2012. It’s nice to be able to go out when you want to or stay in and cook at your leisure.

As for Spring Break, if you’re thinking about a much-needed escape from all the cold and snow we’ve had this year, here are a few of my tips:

1. Have a Pre-Vacation Meeting: Get together with your kids, as well as extended family you may want to invite on your getaway, to discuss where you want to go and what you want to do. This is key if you want to make sure that everyone has a happy face while on vacation.

2. Plan for Room to Move: One of the primary reasons I gravitate toward vacation rentals is because they give everyone space. It’s tough to squeeze an entire family into a hotel room. I like to give everyone their own bedroom and to shut my door at the end of a fun day to relax.

3. Take Time to Relax: It sounds wrong to suggest that you “take time to relax,” but honestly, some people and families are just go-go-go throughout a vacation. That’s no fun. Plan to see some sights and cool attractions, but then also plan for downtime so everyone can chill before the next day of fun.

To check out all five of my tips for an awesome Spring Break, check out 5 Tips to Plan a Perfect Spring Break Getaway on the website.

Photo Credit: Robert Wallace

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