July 23, 2017

So Ready for Snow: 8 Fun Winter Activities with Kids

clare kate ready to skiI went out for a run early this morning, like at 5 am, and it was 70 degrees. I live in Northern Virginia and it’s just not supposed to be this warm in mid-October. Don’t spite me for writing this, but I’m ready for the temperature to drop and for my front yard to be blanketed with snow.

I’m not so much excited for the cold as I am all the activities that the kids can do in the winter and when snow is on the ground, in particular. Take a look at eight fun ways to enjoy the snow and winter cold with your kids:

1. Dog Sledding. Last February, I went dog sledding in Michigan. I got to mush a team of eight sled dogs. It was so much fun. Kids can do it too, so long as they’re heavy enough to use the claw brake to slow the sled. Or, take a ride in a dog sled. Take a look at my guest post on three ways to enjoy dog sledding.

2. Skiing. My older girls got up on skis for the first time last year at Liberty Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania. They took lessons at the on-site ski school and went up the ski lift to enjoy a few runs down the easy slope. I can’t wait to get them back out there again this year.

3. Snow Tubing. We’ve been snow tubing the last couple of years and we’ll be back again this year. While hesitant at first, my girls quickly became fans of sliding down the tubing runs. My oldest daughter even took a video of herself zipping all the way down the run.

4. Snow Shoeing. I’ll be honest, snow shoeing is quite a workout, so my tip to you is to be the last one snow shoeing in your group. That way, everyone in front of you has already made the path through the woods, making it easier for you. This is great fun though, especially if you don’t ski.

5. Ice Skating. Sure, you can ice skate year-round at a rink in your neighborhood, but it’s so much more fun to ice skate outdoors, especially at a ski resort. Take in the mountains all around you. Ski at night to see the trees around the rink and nearby ski villages all lit up with twinkle lights.

6. Snow Biking. I tried snow biking (or fat biking) for the first time last February in Michigan. The tires are huge and slightly deflated, making it easy to cut through the snow. If your kids like to ride their bikes, they may really get a kick out of biking through the snow.

7. Sledding. I’ve never been a big sledder, but I think this is the year. We have a big hill near our house, so no need to go to a ski resort to get some speed on a sled. As a bonus, my son is big enough this year that he can carry his own sled up the hill and race down without a care.

8. Sleigh Rides. Some big resorts, like Keystone Resort in Colorado, offer sleigh rides. Keystone actually offers a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow to a cabin for dinner and entertainment. Others offer one-hour sleigh rides through the woods and meadows as you take in the brisk air bundled in a blanket.

What’s on your agenda this winter with your kids? Let me know in the comments section below.

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