June 24, 2017

To Ski or Not to Ski: New Weather App Predicts Your Local “SnowCast”

SC-SnowCast AppThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SnowCast for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

We got snow this week. It kind of took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting any snow. I was, however, expecting my kids to go to school a full week. Yet there we were with nearly four inches of snow and a snow day away from school (still it was far better than the 30 inches of snow we got a few weeks ago).

I may not have predicted snow, but the SnowCast app knew it was going to snow. It even predicted 3.94 inches, which was pretty much spot on when all was said and done. The SnowCast app predicts expected snowfall for the next 48 hours for an exact location (as exact as your street address).

Even better, the app predicts snowfall in six-hour windows, so you have a good idea whether you have time before you need to pick up snacks at the grocery store (or whether you’ll encounter a full-on snowstorm on the drive home). And, you can get push notifications with expected accumulation and advisories.

Okay, so the SnowCast app is good for predicting whether or not your kids will be home from school tomorrow on a snow day, but what how else can this winter app help families? Well, for one, it’s great for winter sports enthusiasts who like to ski, snowboard and tube on fresh powder.

By fresh powder, I don’t mean the grainy kind of snow that ski resorts are able to make when the weather conditions are right. I mean real snow that feels just right under your skis as you’re shushing down the mountain on the first run of the day. You know what I mean, right?

It’s also great to have fresh snow on the snow tubing tracks. Otherwise the runs get too hard and icy and tubers end up going much faster than they should down the track. Yikes. So, yes, if I’m going to take the kids to go snow tubing an hour or so away, I like to know that it’s snowed fairly recently, and that’s where the SnowCast app is a big help to me.

As an early-morning runner, I also like the SnowCast app because I can see at a glance whether I’ll be able to get up and run outside or whether snow is going to keep me on the treadmill. It definitely saves me a few extra minutes in terms of planning out what to wear for my morning workout.

The SnowCast app for iOS is available in the App Store. Download the app for $2.99. It’s easy to install and loads up quickly. Truly just hone in on your location and you’re set to go. I also like being able to easily access more detailed winter weather advisories from the National Weather Service right from the app. 

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