June 23, 2017

Quick Tip: Don’t Assume the Travel Search Engines Have the Best Fares

It’s Saturday and I hope you’re out having fun with your family. It’s a busy day for me too. The kids have tennis and soccer, then my in-laws come over for dinner. I did want to pop in though with another quick tip if you’re going to be buying airlines tickets this holiday season.

I shared with you earlier this month a couple of posts on saving on airfares, including 7 Ways to Find the Best Holiday Airfares and Saving Money: 6 Airlines to Follow on Twitter. However, I just realized I forgot one important tip, which is: don’t assume all the best fares are loaded into travel aggregators, like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia.

Sure, I search for fares and buy from these sites all the time, but not every airline is included in these travel search engines. Most notably among U.S. carriers is Southwest, and if you’re traveling abroad, there are many international carriers that offer amazing fares that just can’t be found on Orbitz and similar sites.

I realized this this morning as I was looking up fares to Vienna, Austria. I may have the opportunity to go there in December with a small group, and wanted to price out the trip first. I searched on Expedia and the best price was a $1,170 round-trip. Not exactly a cheap flight.

Then, I learned from the trip organizer about Turkish Airlines. I’d never heard of this carrier, maybe because they can’t be found in the travel search engines. So I went directly to the site and was able to find a ticket for the same dates for only $837, or $333 less than the best fare I found on Expedia. Even better, they have discounts on child fares. It’s not much, but it is around $85 per child, which I’ll take.

Anyway, just something else to keep in mind as you seek out deals on airfares. Enjoy your weekend!

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Photo Credit: Peter Russell


  1. I’ve come across great deals by accident before too, but how can you do this regularly without a stroke of luck or a suggestion from a travel organizer? I wish there was some way to search EVERY airline.

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