May 22, 2017

New Hotel Kids’ Program: Play at Palladium with Raggs

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Riviera Maya region of Mexico for a stay at the all-inclusive Grand Palladium Resort to check out their new children’s program called “Play at Palladium with Raggs.” The centerpiece of the program is Raggs, a colorful, lovable dog and his four friends, including one in a wheelchair, that sing songs, entertain children in musical pop-up shows across the resort and do meet-and-greets with children at a weekly character breakfast like none other I’d seen before.

Trilby & Raggs Dance for Children by the Pool.

Trilby and Raggs Dance for Children by the Pool.

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Raggs before visiting this beach resort, but that didn’t matter, not to me and not to the kids at the resort. Raggs and friends are immediately likable and the songs they sing are so catchy that, for better or worse, you’ll be singing them on your own after hearing them three times. “Stand Back, Brain Attack” and “What’s the Dealio?” are particularly memorable.

The majority of guests staying at the Grand Palladium Resort arrive on Saturday and depart the following Saturday, so Raggs performances are set up to meet the needs of these guests.

pidos beach party

Raggs and Pido Entertain Children at Pido’s Surf Party.

Once children and families have had a chance to settle in, they get their first taste of Raggs at Pido’s Surf Party. This tropical-themed party takes place on Monday evenings and enables kids to dance, sing, do the limbo and test their skills in a hula hoop contest. Sing-a-long videos on a big screen behind the characters get kids into the spirit as they begin to learn the songs they’ll be hearing throughout the week at the resort (Pido is a member of the Raggs band).

Poodles Made from Broccoli and Cauliflower at the Raggs & Friends Breakfast.

Poodles Made from Broccoli and Cauliflower at the Raggs & Friends Breakfast.

Raggs Cupcakes at Wednesday's Character Breakfast.

Raggs Cupcakes at Wednesday’s Character Breakfast.

Next, on Wednesdays at 9 am, guests are treated to a Raggs & Friends Breakfast that is part of the all-inclusive package (some other resorts charge an add-on fee for their character breakfasts). The resort chefs took great care when planning this breakfast and you’ll be amazed by their culinary creations. Look for dog face-shaped pancakes, sunny side up eggs with smiley faces, even pastries decorated to look like Raggs and friends. Even the décor is incredible with poodles made from broccoli and a train made from a watermelon.

While families eat breakfast, Raggs and two of his friends (Trilby and Pido) walk from table to table greeting children and posing for pictures. Families are also treated to delicious smoothies as music from Raggs plays in the background. If you want to buy a Raggs stuffed animal or a CD, you’ll have the chance to do that too.

Kids Love the Weekly Raggs Pirate Show on Fridays.

Kids Love the Weekly Raggs Pirate Show on Fridays.

To cap off the week, the Raggs Pirate Show, a 50-minute live show with singing and dancing, takes place on Friday evenings at 8 pm. Children can sing the songs and even get up on stage with the emcee who makes the children laugh and keeps everyone entertained. The costumes are colorful, the sets are eye-catching and throughout the show it was clear that everyone was having a great time.

Trilby and Raggs Entertain Kids by the Pool.

Trilby and Raggs Perform in a Pop-Up Show by the Pool.

But wait, there’s more. While there are the three scheduled Raggs events above, Raggs and friends also make appearances throughout the week at the Kids Club, as well as by way of pop-up shows around the resort, like at the children’s pool. During these pop-up shows, Raggs and Trilby sing a few songs and engage with the children. Raggs has also been known to walk around the lobby a time or two.

All in all, I was very impressed with the new Raggs program at the Grand Palladium Resort. Young children will love singing and dancing with Raggs during their stay at the resort, and all of you will be singing the songs of the Raggs band well after you’ve returned home.

Disclosure: I was hosted by the Grand Palladium Resort in the Riviera Maya for the purpose of reviewing the new “Play at Palladium with Raggs” program. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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