June 29, 2017

New Ebook: The Smart Parents Guide to Family Adventure Vacations

family adventure vacations ebookMy kids are getting older so I’m definitely starting to consider more adventure-focused vacation destinations, like Costa Rica and Peru. So, I was naturally excited to see that fellow family travel bloggers, Amie O’Shaughnessy of Ciao Bambino and Jamie Pearson of Travel Savvy Mom, had published a new ebook, The Smart Parents Guide to Family Adventure Vacations. 

Inside, you’ll find loads of great tips and tricks whether you want to ride elephants in Thailand, take a wildlife safari in Africa or hop on a small ship wilderness cruise in Alaska. Even better, if you know you want to go the adventure route on your next family vacation, but you aren’t quite sure where to go, this ebook will help you figure that out too.

There’s also a great section for parents getting ready to plan their first adventure vacation, listing out five “entry-level destinations,” including Costa Rica, Thailand, Australia, Alaska and Morocco. Each section goes into why each destination is perfect for first-time family adventure seekers and what activities you can expect to do as family in each locale.

Finally, look for a section in this ebook on what makes a good trip. You definitely don’t want to go half-way around the world with your family only to find that your dream vacation destination is far from a dream. Among their tips, look for destinations that offer flexibility when you need it and choose a vacation spot that allows for a family-friendly pace.

Are you thinking about taking an adventure-focused vacation with your family this year? Let me know in the comment section below.


  1. We are currently planning a family adventure vacay! We want to use a company that caters to active adventurous families so I’m very seriously considering Serendipity Adventures because they’re private tours with a full time expert/naturalist/guide with you. Plus you can totally customize your trip with whatever adventures suit your family and they’ll help you add on to your stay before or after the actual “tour.” I’ve also looked at REI, Disney, Austin Lehman, and Ambercrombie & Kent but those groups all have approx 20 people traveling together and I don’t want to get held back by anyone who’s physically incapable of what our family specifically wants to do! I haven’t nailed down a date yet and we have a pretty wide timeframe. We’re looking at traveling somewhere between the last 2 weeks of January and the first 2 weeks of April 2015 and also like that this company will take us off the radar and avoid the Soring Breakers! I’m anxious to peek at this ebook you’ve recommended for more ideas and tips! Thank you!

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