June 23, 2017

My 4 Favorite iPhone Photo Apps


Are you using any photo apps on your smartphone? I have an iPhone and there are so many great iPhone photo apps. In fact, there’s an entire category in the App Store just for photo apps. Of course, Instagram is at the top of the list of free apps, but there are lots of other photo apps that are new favorites of mine, like Diptic, Pic Collage and Pro HDR.

A couple of months ago, I told you that my kids and I would be working hard this summer to check off every box on the 100 Things to Do This Summer chart from The Land of Nod, and so of course, I’ve been taking pictures and posting each accomplishment on Facebook. That noted, take a look at a few of my photo creations using my new favorite iPhone photo apps.

Instagram: Of course, Instagram is everyone’s favorite iPhone app. This free app pretty much kicked off the photo apps category. Fifteen million downloads later, they’re still number one. This a great app that makes anyone seem like an amazing photographer, even me. Snap a pic, then choose any one of a number of treatments that make your pictures look near-professional.


Diptic: I love this app because you can make a neat collage out of two to five pictures. I’ve been using this app a lot to share our 100 Things to Do This Summer achievements, like when the kids and I made a homemade pizza last week. Choose from 50+ templates and share with friends.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage: I discovered this one today and must admit it’s pretty neat. You simply add pictures to any number of backgrounds, then expand or slant each picture. You can add text or stickers, and then share with your Facebook or Twitter friends.

Pro HDR: I’ll admit, Pro HDR is still new to me, but I can tell it’s going to be a fast favorite after chatting with Amanda of Kevin & Amanda last weekend. She’s an amazing photographer, but recently she was in Italy and took these incredible Tuscany pictures using this app. My jaw pretty much dropped when I saw the pictures on her iPhone.

Do you have a favorite iPhone photo app? Are there any features that you feel like are still missing from the present crop of iPhone photo apps? Let me know!

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