November 24, 2017

Is Tuesday Really the Best Day to Book a Flight?


I’ve heard from various travel agents and experts that Tuesday is the best day to book a flight for the lowest prices and greatest availability. I even shared this same tidbit in a post titled 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Flight that I put up in February. But why Tuesday? What’s so magical about Tuesday?

I have the reasoning, but first, let’s work backwards. The worst days of the week to pick up airline tickets are supposedly Saturday and Sunday. Why? Travel agent Kim Milnes of Adventures by Kim told me that on the weekends more people are searching for fares, and have time to buy tickets, so airlines keep the prices high since they know they can get buyers at these prices.

On Mondays, the airlines evaluate their inventories. They take a look at what fares were sold and which ones they want to sell and drop prices on Tuesdays. So, I did a quick experiment, pricing out seven routes on Expedia on Sunday and again on Tuesday. Of these seven, three remained more or less the same, two went up and two went down, so now I have no idea whether Tuesday is really the best day.

Stay tuned. I know I’ll be trying this experiment again, and with different days to see if maybe Tuesday isn’t really the best day after all. Meantime, check out my findings below:

Prices Stayed the Same

Atlanta (ATL) to Denver (DEN)
10/19 (Fri) to 10/21 (Sun)
SUN: Delta (nonstop), $198
TUES: Frontier (nonstop), $198

Boston (BOS) to Tampa (TPA)
10/23 (Tues) to 10/26 (Fri)
SUN: American (one stop): $172
TUES: United (one stop): $175

Salt Lake City (SLC) to Orlando (MCO)
10/18 (Thurs) to 10/22 (Tues)
SUN: Delta (nonstop), $332
TUES: Delta (nonstop), $332

Prices Went Up

Washington, DC (IAD) to Los Angeles (LAX)
10/17 (Wed) to 10/20 (Sat)
SUN: Virgin America (nonstop), $278
TUES: Virgin America (nonstop), $298

Washington, DC (DCA) to New Orleans (MSY)
10/19 (Fri) to 10/23 (Wed)
SUN: US Airways (nonstop), $325
TUES: US Airways (one stop), $372

Prices Went Down

Chicago (ORD) to Miami (MIA)
10/18 (Thurs) to 10/21 (Sun)
SUN: American (one stop), $415
TUES: Delta (one stop), $394

Charlotte (CLT) to San Francisco (SFO)
10/19 (Fri) to 10/23 (Wed)
SUN: American (one stop), $419
TUES: airTran (one stop), $402

So, what’s been your experience in pricing out fares for upcoming travel when you’ve checked prices on different days of the week? Let me know in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: James

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