November 24, 2017

I’m Not Mean, But Stop Taking These 3 Travel Photos


I don’t know why I felt the need to write this post, which is not especially family travel related, but I felt like it was time for a public service message. To preface this, I am not a mean person, but there are definitely a few things that annoy me, and tacky travel photos fall into this category.

There are three types of travel photos that I cannot stand, and I keep seeing them over and over on Facebook. Not so much the first one below, but definitely the second two. So read carefully, and please stop taking these pictures, or at the very least, stop posting them.

You Holding Up or Touching the Top of Any Monument. Yes, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is unique and beautiful, but please don’t share that well-executed photo of you “holding up” the Leaning Tower. When I went to Italy about 12 years ago, I saw loads of people doing this. Please stop.

Your Bare Feet. I like my pedicures, but beyond that, I don’t like to share my feet with the world, and I really don’t like to see other people’s feet. What is it with feet pictures and why do people feel the need to share them on Facebook when they go on vacation?

Pictures Taken in the Mirror. Please, please get someone to take a picture of you, whether a concierge, housekeeping or room service. It can’t be that difficult to find someone to take your photo. The same goes for when you’re at home too.

If you take any of the above shots, let me know why. I’m open-minded, and would love to know why you love these photos. Or if there are other shots that you especially don’t like, let me know that too.

Photo Credits: Lauren Ricci (bare feet), Marianna K (Leaning Tower), Rima Baroudi (mirror photo) 


  1. Tonya @ The Traveling Praters says:

    Had to chuckle a bit at these! Are you Facebook friends with my daughter? She’s guilty of all three but she doesn’t stop at taking pictures of herself in the mirror, she’ll find anything with a reflection and strike a pose…a store window, her brothers’ sunglasses….:)

    • Erin Gifford says:

      Haha. I know, it seems everyone who has an iPhone insists on taking pictures of themselves in the mirror! 🙂

  2. Mercedes says:

    LOl! this made me chuckle! but point taking for avoiding unoriginal shots. I also don’t like the pics of people in front of a mirror.


    • Erin Gifford says:

      I think I was feeling in a snarky moody last night, and had seen too many toenail shots on Facebook from spring break travels. When am I going to see you again, Mercedes!? 🙂

  3. I agree with the monument and the mirror but I really don’t have a problem with the feet even though I find feet disgusting. I think the one pictured looks nice and relaxing, I think it’s a cute viewpoint!

    • Erin Gifford says:

      I think for me it’s just that feet pics are overdone. I’ve seen them done too many times and now I’m jaded! 🙂

  4. I love these shots. The top trick photos are my favorite! I love to see them well done! Where it actually looks like it is supposed to!! Feet photos I don’t do,(except one and I won a contest with it!) but I like the I am here feel of it!! Mirror photos, I love! One of my good friends took a piture of herself in every mirror she passed so they bring a smile each time I see one!!!

  5. Lol. I visit India often and have gone to the Taj Mahal numerous times. I cannot explain how ridiculous it felt to pose like we are touching the tip!!! I like Princess Diana pose better.

  6. The photo in the mirror drives me nuts too! I think people are too afraid or shy to ask someone to take their picture. It’s a great way to start a conversation with locals. Getting to know them is fun and a part of travel. The locals know the best places (budget friendly) to shop and dine. I say, “get over the fear and ask someone to take your picture.” You will survive.

  7. We do the holding up monuments pictures because while they are “tacky” and old news to us, they are new and hilarious to the kids. It’s a challenge for me to let the kids think that everything is new, but why ruin their fun? Plus, it becomes a family tradition.

    We have pictures of my grandparents, newlywed, holding up the pyramids. It would be a fun kitschy photo album or family room picture display to put generations of these pictures together. The tacky stuff can be bonding hilarious, like our silly pressed penny album, and it’s the tacky stuff the kids seem to love.

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