June 24, 2017

How I’m Using Pinterest to Plan My Trip to Puerto Rico

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit late to the Pinterest party, but in the last few weeks I’ve definitely made up for lost time. Not only have I created a bunch of family travel pin boards for Kidventurous, but I’ve also constructed some fun boards for my day job, like this recipes board filled with Heart-Shaped Favorites.

Once I came up for air and pulled myself away from all the pinning and pin boards for a few moments (did I tell you Pinterest is addictive?), I started to think about how else I could use Pinterest. I mean, I do love looking at all the pretty pictures, but then I ran across this post called Using Pinterest for Travel Inspiration and I started to consider how I could work Pinterest into my upcoming family vacation to Puerto Rico.

I’m still in the early stages of planning our trip to Puerto Rico. We have airline tickets, a place to stay, and that’s about it, so I thought now would be a great time to rope in Pinterest. How can Pinterest help me finish up my trip plans? What can Pinterest do for me to help me craft the ideal vacation itinerary? Take a look at the role Pinterest has played in our vacation plans so far.

Pinterest Helped Choose Must-Do Vacation Activities. As I started to create a Puerto Rico pin board on Pinterest, I noticed that Pinterest was slowly narrowing down top activities to do on the island: kayaking in Bioluminescent Bay, walking the colorful streets of Old San Juan, trekking through the El Yunque rain forest. These are the images I saw most frequently, so clearly these were not to be missed.

Pinterest Shared the Flavors of the Local Culture. Salsa dancers, an ice cream vendor, a shoe shop in Old San Juan, a plate of rice and beans. These are the images I found of Puerto Rico that brought the culture to life for me and got me excited about our upcoming experiences on this island. I felt like I was able to get just a little taste and couldn’t wait to be there in person.

Pinterest Helped Narrow Down Where to Stay.  It’s true that I’d already booked our vacation rental in Fajardo, on the east side of Puerto Rico. However, Pinterest made it easy to figure out where to stay, and I would have chosen Fajardo anyway! Not only did I find a great map of Puerto Rico that I added to my pin board, but the must-do activities – El Yunque, San Juan and Bio Bay (Fajardo) – were all on the east side of the island. Pinterest basically reaffirmed my choice of where to stay as a good one.

Pinterest Got the Family Excited About the Trip. My oldest daughter is eight, and of course she can read, but young kids like pictures. So of course my kids love scrolling through the colorful pictures on my Puerto Rico pin board. It’s the perfect guidebook for them since it’s almost entirely images, with just a few words here and there to note the location of the picture. It’s also perfect for my in-laws who are coming on the trip too and live down in Florida since they can pull up the pin board anytime.

While there are a lot of benefits to using Pinterest to help plan a vacation, the major downside is that you can’t go deep on many of the images on the pin board. Much of what you see is just a picture. Some of them click through to more details, like this pin of El Yunque, which clicks through to the official website of the El Yunque rain forest, but many more are just beautiful images saved to Flickr.

Though I’ve only been on Pinterest a short time, I’m hooked, and no doubt I’ll keep pinning, creating more boards focused on family travel and the destinations I visit. Let me know what you think about Pinterest so far and how you’re using this tool in your daily life.

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