July 22, 2017

Hard Rock Cafe: New Roxtars & Healthy Menu Choices

hard rock roxtars-cut-outI remember when I was in high school it was all the rage to wear a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt, but not one from your own city. It had to be one from another city, like New York or Sydney. Living in Northern Virginia, it was decidedly not cool to wear a Hard Rock Cafe Washington, DC t-shirt. So naturally I was excited when I traveled to London at 16 and was able to buy a t-shirt from the local restaurant. I couldn’t wait to get home to wear it around town.

You can still buy t-shirts at the Hard Rock Cafe, of course, but now the restaurant chain is catering to a younger set thanks to the Hard Rock Roxtars, a band of five musical characters that serve as brand ambassadors. You’ll find Skiddley, Buddy Jr., Styler, Sir Kingston and Razzi in some form at each of the restaurants, hotels and rock shops. Each character has a unique personality designed to inspire kids to express themselves both musically and artistically.

My family and I were able to check out the Hard Rock Roxtars at the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando located at Universal Studios Orlando over Thanksgiving. It had been years since I’d been to a Hard Rock Cafe, so I was eager to take my kids. My kids were greeted by the Roxtars when we arrived (well, in the form of a cardboard cut-out) and were given a “rockin’ activity book.” They each also received a colorful menu featuring dishes like Buddy’s Bangin’ Burger with Cheese and Styler’s Off-the-Hook Fish Sticks.

hard rock roxtars-activity book

I was pleased to see that the Hard Rock Cafe now features a selection (though small) of Kids LiveWell program-approved choices, like Twisted ‘n Tasty Cavatappi Pasta and Skiddley’s Not-so-Diddly Chicken Breast. Each entrée comes with a vegetable and apple juice. Naturally, my kids still opted for mac & cheese or chicken tenders. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and I seem to recall it was quite tasty. Sadly, my sandwich did not arrive on a guitar-shaped plate like my kids’ entrées did. 🙂

hard rock roxtars-menu

While we did not check out the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando, kids who check in receive an activity booklet. Soon, they’ll also be able to enjoy unlimited entertainment at the Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club, which is currently being rolled out to a selection of hotels in the chain. Families can also purchase stuffed animals and other Roxtars merchandise in the Rock Shops at the hotels and restaurants.

Disclaimer: My family and I were treated to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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