January 22, 2018

#FunSummer100: 100 Fun Things to Do this Summer


FunSummer100Well, I tried to do this four years ago, and kind of failed, so I’m going to try again this summer. I put together my own personal list of things I’d like to do, mostly with the kids, between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.

Some of the things on my list are based on my location (e.g., go to the top of the Washington Monument), while others correlate with places we plan to visit this summer (e.g., taste maple syrup in Vermont). All are things I think would be fun to do with the kids or on my own, like run a half marathon.

I’ll track progress here and on Instagram with hashtag #FunSummer100. With every item we complete I’ll link to the photo here. If you’re planning your own summer fun challenge, let me know. I’d love to hear about what you have planned! 🙂

1. Go to a minor league baseball game.
2. Go to the top of the Washington Monument.
3. See fireworks.
4. Go fruit picking.
5. Go to a neighborhood carnival or festival.
6. Go camping in a tent.
7. Hike in a state park.
8. Add a new stamp to our national parks passport.
9. Get a new Junior Ranger badge.
10. Go tubing.
11. Complete the library summer reading program.
12. Go to an outdoor waterpark.
13. Eat dinner from a food truck.
14. Splash in a waterfall.
15. Make s’mores.
16. Attend an outdoor concert.
17. Take an ice cream factory tour.
18. Get milkshakes at a diner counter.
19. Go to a science center.
20. Take a family road trip.
21. See public art sculptures.
22. Go whitewater rafting.
23. Go to a botanical garden.
24. See the giant pandas at the National Zoo.
25. Go bowling.
26. Go to a state or county fair.
27. Watch a parade.
28. Go to a drive-in movie.
29. Visit neighborhood yard sales.
30. See a $1 movie.
31. Go stand-up paddleboarding.
32. Play mini golf.
33. Go to an aquarium.
34. Ride a carousel.
35. Ride a ferris wheel.
36. Make tie-dye t-shirts.
37. Build a sand castle.
38. Set up a backyard slip ‘n slide.
39. Create art with sidewalk chalk.
40. Take pictures in a photo booth.
41. Play Frisbee golf.
42. Go to a farmers market.
43. Try new donuts at a donut shop.
44. Go kayaking.
45. Try new cupcakes at a cupcake shop.
46. Go to Chuck E. Cheese’s.
47. Go to a new playground.
48. Go to a trampoline park.
49. Go indoor rock climbing.
50. Attend a children’s play.
51. Go on a train ride.
52. Go tidepooling.
53. Watch the planes take off at Gravelly Point.
54. Go to an aerial treetop adventure course.
55. Bake three new kinds of cookies.
56. Go to the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence.
57. Go to the Postal Museum to see the new national parks exhibit.
58. Go to the White House Visitors Center.
59. Eat breakfast for dinner.
60. Have a picnic.
61. Go to a make-and-take workshop at Home Depot.
62. Make sand art.
63. Get frozen yogurt.
64. Try indoor skydiving.
65. Run a half marathon (well, this one is just for me)
66. Taste maple syrup in Vermont.
67. Take a staycation.
68. Get colorful pedicures.
69. Eat sno-cones.
70. Blow huge bubbles.
71. Take a painting class at Painting with a Twist.
72. Order a banana split.
73. Go out for Slurpees.
74. Wash the car as a family.
75. Go out for McFlurries.
76. Eat lobster in Maine.
77. Go swimming at the pool.
78. Go to the beach.
79. Collect seashells.
80. Go on a zipline.
81. Try Indian food.
82. Play a game of laser tag.
83. Eat Chinese food in Chinatown.
84. Go to a Canada Day celebration.
85. Try out a new restaurant.
86. Try German food.
87. Go to a petting farm.
88. Send a package to soldiers overseas.
89. Feed the ducks.
90. Play backyard badminton.
91. Make ice cream cone cupcakes.
92. Play Bingo.
93. Ride bikes.
94. Go to a Japanese steakhouse.
95. Visit a presidential site.
96. Grow and release butterflies.
97. Make our own popsicles.
98. Write a message in the sand.
99. Roll down a big hill.
100. Make root beer floats.

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