January 22, 2018

Best Family Road Trip Games


fun road trip gamesIt’s hard to believe that family road trip season is nearly upon us. School will be out for the summer in just a few short months and many of us will be hopping in our cars to head out to explore big cities, national parks, family beaches and all kinds of theme parks.

There will be much time spent in the car, probably more time than you’d like. We’re getting ready to make the nine-hour drive to Hilton Head, SC in a couple of weeks. I don’t mind the drive, especially after driving cross-country with the kids last summer, but I do mind all the screen time.

So this time I looked far and wide for fun road trip games to play in the car to keep my kids occupied or to at least take them away from Subway Surfers for some chunk of the drive. Here’s what I found. I just hope that one or more of these road trip games will do the trick.

50 Road Trip Games
Yes, 50 road trip games come inside a playing card-size box. Every card has a different game in categories like “Just for Fun” (scavenger hunts, story starters, mapping games, etc.) and “Brain Games” (create new words from words you see on billboards, license plate phrase games, etc.). Review the cards and pick your favorites ahead of your trip because some require printing out maps, paper and pens, etc.

Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids
This is another fun game that everyone can play and enjoy. Each player takes five cards to start the game. On each card is an image, like a red car or a school bus, that each player must find during the drive. There are also several other cards, like “Feel It” and “Smell It” to encourage players to use all of their sense, like feeling for bumps and sniffing for something that smells “nice” or “bad.”

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game
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Auto Bingo
We used to have the wooden Melissa & Doug Travel Bingo cards, but I think we’ve graduated to Auto Bingo from Regal Games. The game comes with four different bingo cards and each person must find roadside items, like a church, a cow or a no parking sign. No need to mark each square with a marker or a button. Just pull the little red window over the square when you’ve spotted an item on your bingo card.

Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite travel game (at least that’s what it says on the box). The game is called Rubberneckers because it basically requires you to stick your neck out and closely watch what’s outside your window. Players earn points when they spy items, like a fire engine or cement mixer, or when they do something, like get a trucker to blow his horn. From what I hear, it’s quite an addictive game.

Rubberneckers: Everyone's Favorite Travel Game
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Price: $12.99
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Would You Rather…?
I love fun road trip games that encourage conversation and Would You Rather…? from Zobmondo is definitely a game that does so. Inside the pocket version of this classic game, there are dozens of wacky questions, like “Would you rather have five bottles stuck on the fingers of one hand for a year or a bucket stuck on your foot for a year?” It’s definitely fun to hear everyone’s answers and why they answered as they did.

For more fun road trip games, check out 7 Must-Have Travel Games for Family Road Trips and 5 Must-Have Activity Books for Family Road Trips.

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