May 22, 2017

Family Travel: 8 Items Your Kids Will Want (That You Will Forget)

sunglassesWe took two road trips in June, both of which involved 10+ hours in the car, along with many more hours spent sightseeing. I learned that, despite being a mom for nearly 11 years, there are many things that I forget to bring along when we go on vacation (oh so many). Take a look at eight things your kids are probably going to want when you travel (that you are most likely going to forget):

1. Sunglasses. I bring my own sunglasses wherever we go, but I never think to bring along sunglasses for my kids (and it’s not like they remember). And, of course, the moment the car door opens to get outside for sightseeing all I hear is “It’s too bright.”

2. A Hat. If they don’t ask for sunglasses, they’re going to ask for a hat to shield their eyes from the sun. I never remember to bring hats either. The bonus part about a hat though is that you can spray it with insect repellant to keep the bugs away, too.

3. Swim Goggles. When we travel, I like to stay at hotels or vacation rentals with swimming pools. So, you’d think I’d remember to bring along swim goggles. No way. They’re still sitting in the swim bag at home. Ugh.

4. A Water Bottle. Sightseeing always involves one or more of my children telling me that they are thirsty. I always tell other people how important it is to bring along a water bottle on family excursions, but I never, ever remember to do so.

5. Purse Snacks. We can’t walk past a food truck, or even another person eating food, without my four-year-old son letting me know that he’s hungry (even if he just ate). If you can, tuck away a few healthy snack options in your purse.

6. Sunblock. I usually remember to bring sunblock when we travel. It’s the putting on of the sunblock that I usually forget until we’re on the road to go sightseeing or hiking and sunblock is in my suitcase back at the hotel.

7. Band-Aids. Believe me, one of your children is going to get a blister or trip and skin their knee on the sidewalk at some point during your travels. So, save yourself the trouble, and just throw a few Band-Aids into your purse. Toss in some Neosporin too, if you can.

8. Headphones. This may be more for you than for your kids, but headphones are essential. I have four kids, so I can’t listen to four competing iPads. I think it would drive them crazy too to listen to each other child in the minivan playing Plants vs. Zombies.

What do you usually forget that your children inevitably ask for when you travel? Let me know in the comments section below.

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