December 13, 2017

Family Challenge: 100 Fun Things to Do This Summer


While everyone else was watching Mad Men last night, I was stumbling around the web, not really sure what to write about when I popped over to Pinterest. I hadn’t visited Pinterest in a few weeks (I wonder if I was missed) and noticed that my friend, Stacey, had pinned this great 100 Things to Do This Summer chart she found on Honest to Nod.

Okay, instantly I was in love. I’d already been busy planning out the summer with camps (basketball, soccer, crafts) and mini-trips (Hershey Park, Northern Neck, Natural Bridge), as well as our two-week road trip to Boston, so what’s one more (or 100 more) things to add to the list?

I’m up for a challenge. There aren’t even 100 days during the summer break, so we’ll clearly need to tackle more than one to-do per day. Yikes! Here are a few that I’m excited about:

Make Popsicles: Last night (while on Pinterest, of course), I also stumbled upon this great re-pin from my friend Tricia of Once a Month Mom with a bunch of recipes for 100-Calorie Freezer Pops. Perfect. This one will be a snap.

Have a Science Day: I’m already excited to take my kids to the USA Science & Engineering Festival here in DC in April, so hopefully I’ll get some good ideas there. I also have The Everything Kids Science Experiments Book on hand, so I should be all set.

Go to a Drive-In Movie: There’s a famous-ish drive-in theatre that’s not quite 90 minutes away in Baltimore called Bengies that I’ve wanted to go to for awhile. I’ve never been to a drive-in, at least not that I remember, so this should be a lot of fun. They even have a snack bar!

And then there are a few that I’m not quite so excited about for a variety of reasons. Here are the ones I’m least keen on:

Make a Robot: What? Fortunately, between eHow and YouTube we should be able to figure this one out. I knew I should have signed my eight-year-old up for the Intro to Robotics class. Here’s the description: “This course for younger students emphasizes robot assembly.” Hello, how perfect.

Sleep in Tent: For the record, I have slept in a tent before, but it was not ever going to be at the top of any list of mine. If you know me, you know that camping is not a *me* thing. I’ll either need to find a place that pitches tents for you or find a good tent-pitching friend to come along.

Make a Model Plane: Okay, similar to Make a Robot, this is probably something that’s on YouTube or eHow, but like Sleep in a Tent, it’s also something that will never top any must-do or bucket list of mine. I have no related skills, and I sense disaster with this one.

Then there are a couple on the list that both excite me and make me nervous at the same time. They’re things I want to do, but can’t imagine how I’d get them done in a summer.

Write a Book: I’d love to write a book about family travel, but I also know that would not happen in one summer. I’ll need to get creative and write some type of short story or children’s book that only my kids will ever read. We’ll see.

Ride Bikes: I would absolutely love to ride bikes with my kids, but the problem is that they still have not learned, and they don’t seem super excited to do so. Clearly we’re going to have to get out there early and often. Let’s make it happen!

So, what do you think about this 100 Things to Do this Summer list? Are you up for the challenge? Will you do it with me? Let me know!

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