June 23, 2017

Explore a New City: Family Scavenger Hunts

scavenger huntWhat better way to explore a new city than by doing a scavenger hunt, particularly with kids. These days, visitors bureaus, private companies and even mobile app developers are getting in on the action to make city tours a whole lot of fun for the family. Take a look at a few great options:

Chattanooga (TN): Enjoy a free Spring Break Safari Scavenger Hunt around Chattanooga, navigating the city and solving clues as a family. A variety of local attractions are offering scavenger hunts both inside (with paid admission) and outside aquariums, museums, zoos and art districts. Use your cell phone or camera to take pictures of your answers and receive a prize at the end.

Chicago (IL): Look into Watson Adventures, which coordinates scavenger hunts in cities across the country, for the Whodunit Family Scavenger Hunt. Get a list of suspects, weapons and hiding places that can be found within the Art Institute of Chicago. Hunts take place once or twice a month. Fees are $15/person (ages 10-13) or $24.50/person (ages 14 and up).

New York (NY): The Grand Central Scramble Family Scavenger Hunt is another great family scavenger hunt courtesy of Watson Adventures. Uncover the secrets of Grand Central Station, learn the arrival time of a “ghost” train and find TV stars in the food court. Hunts take place once or twice a month. Fees are $18/child and $22/adult.

In addition to the hunts above, UrbanQuest also offers self-paced family scavenger hunts in cities across the country, including Boston, Washington, DC and Los Angeles. Each hunt lasts 1.5 hours. For $28.99/team, you’ll receive a map that will give you clues to unlock mysteries around each city. At the end of the quest, you arrive at a local restaurant for lunch or dinner (cost of meal is separate).

If you’re looking for mobile scavenger hunt apps, a few to check out include SpotDash (Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia), San Francisco Treasure Walks, London Treasure Walks and Taking the Kids NYC.

Have you taken your kids on a scavenger hunt or even created your own scavenger hunt for your family? Let me know in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: Melissa Q


  1. Lesli Peterson says:

    How timely! We are going to be in DC this week doing the UrbanQuest hunt. I can’t wait to try it!

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