June 23, 2017

Daily Deal Sites: Not Always Best for Travel Deals

legoland floridaThere’s no question that it pays to do your research before you hop on travel bargains that you find on daily deal websites. Case in point, I was excited this morning to see that Zulily, one of my favorite family daily deal sites, had passes to LEGOLAND Florida on sale at (what I thought was) a 20% discount. As it turns out, the deal wasn’t as sweet as I thought.

On Zulily, they list the deal price for an adult ticket at $75.99, citing a regular price of $97 per person to go to the LEGOLAND amusement park and water park. Sure, that seems like a really good deal, right? So, I head over to the LEGOLAND Florida website only to find that I can get the exact same deal, though I do need to book at least two days prior to my visit to get the $76 price.

Interestingly, the LEGOLAND Florida website cites the walk-up price for this ticket as just $91, not $97 as Zulily claims. I may never know where this $97 ticket price originated.

However, if you really want to save money, it seems like your best bet may be to purchase tickets through Best of Orlando (we did this last year when we went to the Disney parks). They list adult entry to the amusement park and water park at just $63 per person. And, you don’t need to choose a date ahead of time.

As a side note, Zulily also lists a two-night stay at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando for $249, citing an everyday price of $508. Back in October, Groupon offered a one-night stay at the same resort for as low as $84 per night. Who knows the true value, but it definitely pays to look around.

Have you ever picked up what you thought was a great travel deal only to realize that maybe it wasn’t so great after all? Let me know in the comments section below.

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