February 19, 2018

Crazy Travel Questions that Pop Into Your Head


I was thinking more about the idea of spending a year abroad over the weekend. Since it was Mother’s Day I did get a little extra time to myself, and that’s when weird questions started to pop into my head about traveling the globe.

How am I Going to Color My Hair?

Yes, I color my hair, and I do so about every four weeks. I’d pretty much be all grey if I didn’t do that so naturally I woke up in a panic attack wondering what I’ll do to color my hair. Okay, a little exaggeration, but it is still on my mind…

Should I Bring a Hair Dryer?

I’m talking about a trip that’s five years out and yet I’m wondering whether or not to bring a hair dryer. Sure, every hotel in America has one in their rooms, but what about overseas? I’m not so sure. I may need to investigate or cut my hair really short so it doesn’t matter anyway.

What About My Cell Phone? Will My iPhone Work Everywhere?

When my husband and I went to Australia, Ireland and Italy (all at least eight or nine years ago), we didn’t bring cell phones, or at the very least, I don’t remember using my cell phone. Yet now I feel like I’m breaking out into a sweat wondering whether my iPhone will work in New Zealand.

How the Heck Do you Pack for One Year?

So, after I heard Rainer Jenss speak, I requested his itinerary, and he pretty much followed warm weather, so he was in the northern hemisphere during our spring and summer, and then in the southern hemisphere during their spring and summer, so you could get away with wearing the same clothes year-round. But then he went to the Arctic Circle, completely throwing me for a loop.

How am I Going to Plan Activities for a Year?

I’m a planner. It’s just what I do. If I can avoid it, I don’t like for a single day to be wasted. I hate waking up not knowing what’s on tap for the day. I get stressed out just organizing a week’s worth of activities. I can’t even begin to think about how to plan out an entire year.

Do We Need Backpacks or Luggage?

Have you ever checked in at the airport for a flight and seen these families with these HUGE suitcases? I see them every single time I travel. Is that going to be me? Or are we better off taking backpacks. When we travel my son will be almost eight. Will he be able to carry his own backpack?

Do you ever start thinking about strange questions before you travel anywhere? What have been some of the craziest questions that have popped into your head? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Tonya @ The Traveling Praters says:

    I feel your pain! Planning for a year would do me in. Can you believe that I got stressed out yesterday because I didn’t have everything planned perfectly? Yep. I’m a control freak when it comes to travel which has really just about killed me on several occasions because we both know how unpredictable travel can be some times.

    As to coloring your hair- I’ve been known to highlight my hair and cut my family’s hair in the hotel bathroom. Not ideal- but it can be done. And when I can’t pack my hair dryer (or forget it, or discover the one in the hotel doesn’t work)- scrunchies and pony tails are my friend. 🙂

    Happy planning!

    • Erin Gifford says:

      I hear you, and I am not one who enjoys bumps in the road when it comes to travel. I’m not a good Plan B person. There’s Plan A and that’s it. No back-up plan if that fails.

      Cut your family’s hair in the hotel bathroom? Oh my. I’m still just about to faint at the thought of highlighting my own hair. I just don’t think it can be done.

      Erin 🙂

  2. So true. I often wondered if I should bring a hair dryer. Most hotels, resorts, and even hostels provide hair dryers. Some crazy questions I’ve asked are:

    1. What if I run out of toothpaste and can’t find my favorite brand?

    2. Is it better to use a carry-on or take a backpack?

    3. What if I sit next to someone on the airplane who has an ‘unusual’ body odor? How do I handle this situation?

    4. What happens if I’m the one near the emergency exit on the airplane? Will I be able to do handle the pressure of being responsible for the emergency exit? Will my leadership skills be put to the test in the air?

    Happy travels!

    • Erin Gifford says:

      Great questions, Amandah. Ick, I’m with you on #3, and I love how you put it so eloquently. I’m not sure which is worse though, the smelly guy or the guy who’s cranked up his iPod super loud. Probably the smelly guy, right? At least you can put on your own headphones to try to combat iPod guy.

  3. I can totally relate to these crazy questions! We are gearing up for our RTW trip starting in September, and we have tons of crazy questions. Right now trying to figure out the backpack vs. rolling luggage issue. My hairdresser calmed me down today about that issue – there are great hairdressers everywhere, she claims. We’ll see. I foresee a lot of ponytails in my future. Maybe head scarves.

    I had always wondered about the infamous squat toilets in China. How exactly are you supposed to use them? I just read a great blog post about this recently that gave very detailed instructions, so I feel a bit more prepared! http://www.worldhum.com/features/how-to/use_a_squat_toilet_20060923/

    The biggest one my kids have right now is “Where will we be spending Christmas? And will Santa find us there?”

    • Erin Gifford says:

      Paige, I’m so excited for you (and I’m glad to hear there are good hairdressers around the world!). That sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to read all about it on your blog. Yikes, squat toilets. My in-laws were in China a couple of years back. Their tip is to use the handicapped toilets for a more western experience. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Hi Erin,


    I agree that’s it easier to combat the cranked up iPod or MP3 player. Then again, it’s a bonus if the person listens to the same music as me. 🙂


    I thought about carrying mint oil with me. This way I can ‘smell’ it if I ever sit next to someone with an unusual body odor. Stink happens! But when you’re 30,000 feet in the air with nowhere to hide, you have to get creative on how you handle it.

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