June 23, 2017

Competitours: A Unique Way to Experience Europe as a Family

Competitours: A Unique Way to Experience Europe as a FamilyAs my kids get older, I find myself looking for more travel adventures that go beyond a week’s stay at the beach (though a week’s stay at the beach sounds pretty good right about now as I’m looking at a temp of 22 degrees outside at this moment). Last summer’s cross-country road trip was a start, but what’s next? It may be Competitours.

A year or so ago, I wrote about Competitours, an 11-day challenge-style vacation. Think The Amazing Race for everyday people, like you and me. The idea is that 11 teams of two-people embark on challenges throughout Western Europe in locations that range from big cities like Rome and Munich to lesser-known villages in Europe, such as Sorrento (Italy), Andermatt (Switzerland) and Maastricht (Netherlands).

Participants receive just 12 hours notice before the start of the next challenge, adding to the fun and excitement. Challenges range from culinary activities, like an Iron Chef-style competition in a hillside villa in Italy in which all teams compete side-by-side, to soft adventure, like sliding down an alpine coaster in the French Alps. Teams may also participate in mask making, glass blowing, even dance competitions.

According to Competitours, the daily hands-on challenges are “fun, quirky and unique.” You’ll get pushed out of your comfort zone, but no special skills or athletic abilities are required to participate in any of the challenges. Even better, most of the challenges require special arrangements or exclusive access, making this challenge-style vacation very much a one-of-a-kind experience.

Competitours: A Unique Way to Experience Europe as a Family

Daily challenges begin mid-morning, so families can enjoy breakfast together before the day’s activities begin. Challenges end by mid-afternoon, enabling teams to shop, explore and dine on their own in each new town. Teams spend time in four countries across seven to eight “mystery destinations.” As a bonus, there are cash prizes for the top three teams (the first place team wins $3,630!).

While tours are best for kids ages 13 and up, Competitours let me know that the challenges are age-appropriate for kids as young as 11. The youngest team they’ve had was a mother-daughter team in which the mom was in her mid-40s and the daughter was 11 years old. Even better, there are no eliminations like on The Amazing Race. All teams compete throughout the vacation.

Competitours: A Unique Way to Experience Europe as a Family

Competitours is running one tour this summer from June 25 to July 5 for 11 two-person teams. The cost is $3,975 per person. Airfare is not included, but 11 nights of lodging and breakfasts are included, as are all challenges and transportation between European cities whether by charter bus, plane or train.

It’s still early for planning out all of my summer adventures, but Competitours is definitely high on my list. If you’re thinking about joining this challenge-style vacation, it’s a must to check out the positive reviews from travel bloggers and other past participants. After reading them, I feel like I can’t not go now. Who’s in?

Competitours: A Unique Way to Experience Europe as a Family

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Competitours for this post. While I have not personally traveled with Competitours, I absolutely love this idea and am seriously considering this as a vacation with my daughter. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Photo Credit: Far Flung Travels (Biking, Cooking, Sword Play and Countryside)

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