February 19, 2018

Competitours: An “Amazing Race” Style Vacation

If you’ve yet to finish planning out your summer (yes, I realize it’s only March), then I have an idea for you. It’s more fun than a week at the same beach you’ve been going to year after year and I can guarantee it’s something your kids will be talking about with their friends for years to come. As a […]

10 Cool Things I Just Learned About Europe

On Monday, I attended the Visit Europe Media Exchange (VEMEX) in New York, which essentially is an opportunity for travel media and bloggers to meet one-on-one with representatives from various European countries and cities to learn what’s new. It was certainly a valuable day of meetings. Take look at 10 cool things I learned about Europe throughout the day: 1. […]

Crazy Travel Questions that Pop Into Your Head

I was thinking more about the idea of spending a year abroad over the weekend. Since it was Mother’s Day I did get a little extra time to myself, and that’s when weird questions started to pop into my head about traveling the globe. How am I Going to Color My Hair? Yes, I color my hair, and I do […]

How to Save $150,000 (My 6 First Steps)

This is a travel blog, right? Then why a blog post on how to save an exorbitant amount of money? I’ll tell you. I was at a family travel blogging conference the weekend and listened to Rainer Jenss talk about the 13-month round-the-world trip he took with his family when his boys were 8 and 11. It sounded incredible and […]