November 22, 2017

Camping Out at the Hotel Monaco in Baltimore

It’s been very hot here in Washington, DC, as in 90-plus degrees every day for the last couple of weeks. On Saturday it even hit 100 degrees. Not exactly camping weather, huh? Despite the fact that I’m not exactly an avid camper, I took my girls, Clare and Kate (ages 8 & 7), camping. Yup, I went all by myself […]

5 Math Games to Play on Your Weekend Road Trip

I love trying to incorporate learning into everyday activities, especially travel activities, so I was excited to find these five car games from Whizz Education that will help spark learning, and learning about math in particular, during a lengthy car trip. Take a look and let me know what you think. Count the Cars: Choose a car color, like red […]

Get Out of Town: Top Family-Friendly Hotel Packages

Only a few more days until the summer travel season is underway and I’ve already seen a bunch of hotels offering creative and fun packages that are perfect for families. Take a look at a few of my favorites that I know you’ll love. Camp Omni: Omni Hotels & Resorts yesterday announced Camp Omni, a new summer family package with […]

Would You Take Your Kids on Vacation by Bus?

Okay, this might seem like a strange question, but would you take your kids on the bus? I don’t mean on the cross-town bus through your town, but on a coach bus from say Washington, DC to New York. I guess I’d never really thought about it before (mostly because I never really thought of myself as a “bus” person), […]

Budget Travel: 12 Top Vacation Spots for Families

Last week, Budget Travel (one of my favorite travel magazines) shared 12 editor-approved vacation spots that the whole family would love. I had to check them out, and for the most part, they hit the mark. The list is a good mix of big cities, national parks and popular or historical hotspots. Take a look at the list, and let […]

4 Most Popular Spring Break Destinations are in Florida (Best Bets)

Orbitz recently revealed the top-10 most popular Spring Break destinations, and of these, four of the top spots were in Florida: Orlando (#1), Ft. Lauderdale (#4), Ft. Myers (#8) and Tampa (#9). My in-laws spend the winter just north of Ft. Lauderdale so we go down there at least once or twice a year and are big fans of all […]

DC Getaway: Family Fun Night at Gaylord National

Over the weekend, my three girls and I had the opportunity to check out Family Fun Night at the Gaylord National Resort just outside Washington, DC. I’d not yet been to the National Harbor area and had been wanting to go for ages since that area of the waterfront sprung up with lots of new hotels, restaurants and shops a few years ago. […]