September 24, 2017

7 Underground Adventures for You and Your Kids

Luray Caverns is a popular attraction about 90 minutes from my house and I’m excited to take my kids there this summer. As usual, one trip idea led me to think about other areas around the country that offer similar experiences for kids to engage in some underground exploration. Here are seven caves worth checking out this summer with your […]

Hey Kids, Become a Junior Park Ranger!

Our national parks are a must-do once the weather gets nice, and this year I’m excited to experience the Junior Ranger program with my kids. Sure, it’s fun to hike, fish and canoe in our national parks, but it’s also fun to earn official Junior Ranger badges or patches just for completing a series of educational activities at over 220 […]

6 Ways to Get Up Close with Sea Turtles

I took my son out for a walk this morning and we stumbled upon a box turtle crossing the path in front of us. My son pointed and squealed. Kids love turtles, so I started to think about great places families can go to visit and learn about turtles. Here are a few of my favorites. See Turtles, a non-profit […]

Baby Boom: 10 Zoos Welcoming Baby Animals

It’s spring and the baby zoo animals are out in full force. With so many baby animals starting to take their first steps and strokes, it’s a great time to take your kids to the zoo. Here’s a quick snapshot of just a few of the zoos across the country that have welcomed new baby animals so far this year. […]

What to Do in Lake Powell (Top 10 Family Destination)

It seems like every day, another travel organization is putting out a list of the “top family destinations.” Today, says they have identified the Top 10 Family Destinations. No word on how this list was compiled, but among the top destinations are Barcelona, Spain and Sydney, Australia. Closer to home, they also list Washington, DC, Williamsburg, VA and Lake […]

8 Can’t-Miss Waterfalls (There’s More to See Than Niagara Falls)

I’ve asked my seven-year-old daughter several times recently where she wants to go this summer. The answer is always the same: Niagara Falls. I don’t even know what she knows about Niagara Falls. Anyway, Niagara Falls is nearly eight hours from where we live, so it’s not really on the table, but it did make me wonder why you never […]