September 24, 2017

6 Ways to Get Up Close with Sea Turtles

I took my son out for a walk this morning and we stumbled upon a box turtle crossing the path in front of us. My son pointed and squealed. Kids love turtles, so I started to think about great places families can go to visit and learn about turtles. Here are a few of my favorites. See Turtles, a non-profit […]

Baby Boom: 10 Zoos Welcoming Baby Animals

It’s spring and the baby zoo animals are out in full force. With so many baby animals starting to take their first steps and strokes, it’s a great time to take your kids to the zoo. Here’s a quick snapshot of just a few of the zoos across the country that have welcomed new baby animals so far this year. […]

Mother’s Day Dreams: 5 Places I Can’t Wait to Visit with My Kids

Earlier this year, I bought the book “500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up,” and I pick it up every few days to read about different trips on the pages I’ve marked. Already I’m planning some of these trips in my head, but on this delightful Mother’s Day I know I’ll be dreaming about a few of […]

Best Family Boat Trips: Puffins, Whales & Manatees (No Water Slides)

There’s been a lot of talk lately about family cruises, like Nickelodeon at Sea and the new Disney Dream cruise ship, but what about boat excursions that last just a few hours. These short trips can offer your kids amazing experiences with whales, puffins and even historical architecture that they’ll be talking about for days to come. Here are eight […]

Spring Break: More Wild Animals at Lion Country Safari

It’s hard to believe we’re flying home tomorrow morning. Worse, we’re flying home to an unseasonably low 51 degrees, and that’s the expected high for the day. So on our last day here in South Florida we gave the kids the choice to either go to the beach or go on a driving safari to see wild animals at Lion […]

Spring Break: Birds, Bears, and Yes, Mayan Ruins, at the Palm Beach Zoo

After tennis lessons this morning, we showered up and headed north to the Palm Beach Zoo. It was a cute zoo, somewhere between a petting zoo (goats, sheep) and a full-scale zoo (elephants, monkeys). While the Palm Beach Zoo had none of these animals, we did get pretty close to several alligators, a jaguar, black bears and some river otters. […]