February 24, 2018

Side Trip: Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming

Devils Tower in Wyoming was on my bucket list for some time. I’m not entirely sure why. I hadn’t even seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind (sadly, I still haven’t, but that’s another story…). I guess I just thought it looked really cool, so I literally built our three-week summer road trip from Denver to Minneapolis around Devils Tower. […]

#FunSummer100: 100 Fun Things to Do this Summer

Well, I tried to do this four years ago, and kind of failed, so I’m going to try again this summer. I put together my own personal list of things I’d like to do, mostly with the kids, between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. Some of the things on my list are based on my location (e.g., go […]

2016 Travel Bucket List: 25 Items to Cross Off this Year

I had high hopes when I put together my 2015 Bucket List. I dreamt big (maybe a little too big), but I didn’t put any action plans into place to achieve any of the 25 travel experiences on my list. So, it didn’t come as much surprise to me that I crossed off just five items on my list. Pretty […]

10 Things to Do When You Visit the Grand Canyon with Kids

We visited the Grand Canyon for the first time over the summer. As expected, it was incredible. Before we went, I had to study 10 Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon for the First Time, a fabulous resource written by my friend Rebecca of R We There Yet Mom. She took her three kids there in 2013 and was awed […]

One Food Your Kids MUST Try in Every U.S. State

As we begin to prepare for our cross-country road trip, something I’m beginning to make note of is food, as in what are some of the foods unique to each state that we absolutely must try along the way. As with my post from January, One Thing You MUST Do with Kids in Every U.S. State, I checked in with […]

10 Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations

Family Dude Ranch Vacations I’ve long wanted to take my kids to a dude ranch. I even brought it up a month after I started Kidventurous as one of 5 Places I Can’t Wait to Visit with My Kids. Yet, four years later, I still have not enjoyed a family dude ranch vacation with my kids. So, in an effort […]

Mapping the Great American Family Road Trip

In my first post of the year, my 2015 Bucket List, I let you know that a cross-country road trip with my kids was among my must-do’s for the year. It still is though the jury is definitely still out as to whether this is a good idea or a wacky idea given it will be just me and the […]

One Thing You MUST Do with Kids in Every U.S. State

Ask anyone for the one thing you must do with kids in their state and you’ll quickly find that it’s like asking them to tell you which child is really their favorite. But, inspired by this HuffPost article, I pushed, asking friends, family, fellow travel bloggers and state visitors bureaus for that must-do experience to have with kids if you […]

2015 Bucket List: 25 Items I Hope to Cross Off this Year

It’s good to dream big, right? Lesley of Bucket List Publications has been putting together annual bucket lists for the last three years (take a look at 2012, 2013 and 2014). Her efforts inspired me to put together a list of my own. There’s so much that I want to do and see, both on my own and as a […]