June 29, 2017

Best Western: Using Leftover Hotel Soaps to Prevent Disease (+ More Hotels Doing Good)

I’m so proud of Best Western. I was looking for post ideas yesterday and learned that Best Western International has teamed up with Clean the World to recycle guest room soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body washes and lotions, which will then be pressed into new soap bars and distributed globally to help stem the spread of preventable diseases. So simple, yet it has the potential to have such a huge impact.

It’s just the Best Western properties in North America that will participate in this program, and each hotel on the local level needs to opt in, but that potentially represents more than 175,000 hotel rooms. Believe it or not, 9,000 children around the world die each day from the common cold and diarrhea, and these deaths could have been prevented with a simple bar of soap!

Anyway, my hat goes off to Best Western, and if you’re thinking about a hotel stay I encourage you to consider this chain. It’s incredible to think that these soaps and body washes would have just been thrown away, and now they’ll be used to save lives. Amazing.

Okay, I’m still on a high thinking about this partnership (and also wondering why more national chains aren’t involved), but I wanted to check out what some other hotel chains are doing to give back in their communities and on a national level. Take a look:

Hilton HHonors Giving Back: If you frequently stay with Hilton and have points you’ve yet to use, considering donating them to a variety of charitable organizations through this program. For every 10,000 points you donate, HHonors will send $25 to the charity of your choice, from among such causes as the American Cancer Society and Habitat for Humanity.

Hotels for Heroes: The Marriott, Wyndham and AmericInn hotel chains teamed up to enable private citizens like you and me to donate hotel points to pay for hotel rooms for family and friends of wounded soldiers while they heal from their injuries.

Hero Miles: Okay, this isn’t a hotel program, but since I was including Hotels for Heroes, I felt like the two went hand in hand. Hero Miles is a program that enables citizens to donate airline miles toward tickets for wounded and ill soldiers and their families. Check out how to donate by participating airline.

Many hotels also give back on the local level. For example, the Dallas Omni Hotel partnered with HIS BridgeBuilders to offer entry-level job training with an opportunity to earn full-time employment. As you’re making hotel reservations for spring or summer travel, I encourage you to touch base with the front desk (or general manager if the front desk has no idea) to find out whether they support a local community effort. It definitely feels good to support a local business doing good.

Have you ever participated in any of the hotel-related charitable programs above? Let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: Clean the World

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