June 27, 2017

Barbie is Alive & Well in Prague

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie PosterI’m in Prague right now, which hopefully explains why I haven’t posted in more than one week. I’m here with two of my daughters (ages 7 & 9) and we arrived after five days in Vienna.

Our trip has been an amazingly cultural and educational experience so far with lots of museums, palaces and galleries, but today we fell into more of a pop-cultural experience when we stumbled on Toy Museum Prague, which features a collection of Barbie dolls from the last 50 years.

It was revealing how Barbie changed over the years. Always in style, Barbie took her fashion cues from top designers, but then got into trouble with the American Society of Mathematicians for saying “I hate maths.” Seriously, Barbie?

Anyway, there were several hundred Barbies in the collection, and it was a lot of fun to peer into case after case to see how Barbie changed over the years.

Here is the first Barbie from 1959. Believe it or not, the original had dark brown hair.

More of the very first Barbies…

Lovely, colorful 70s Barbies.

UVA BarbieThis one was by far my favorite: UVA Barbie. Go Hoos!

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