July 22, 2017

Airfare Deals: One More Easy Way to Save Money

norwegian airlinesA few weeks ago, I put up a post titled 5 New Ways to Save on Plane Tickets. Among the ways to save: make your airfare searches private and experiment with booking tickets separately. Well, I had lunch with a friend yesterday, Charles McCool of McCool Travel, and he shared with me a way to save that had completely escaped me.

Of course, many of the travel experts will tell you to be flexible with airports. For me, I thought that meant that I should consider Reagan National Airport (DCA) and Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). I never thought about airports that are much farther away that could easily be reached with a separate, cheap plane ticket or even the bus.

To be honest, this tip is most beneficial if you’re planning for a long-haul flight and have flexibility in both timing and destination, so think summer vacation. Next, here’s what I want you do, open up the Skyscanner app on your phone (you know I love this app). For “From,” rather than selecting your local airport, select “United States,” and for “To,” select “Everywhere.” When I do this, I clear all the dates to see what I can find and here’s what popped up this morning:

New York (JFK) to Oslo, Norway: $361 (12/5-12; fly on Norwegian)
For me, I could easily take the bus to New York for $50, making this a very good deal to Norway. I would love to go to Norway and I swear I am *this* close to hopping on this fare (flying from DC on these same dates would cost $723 round-trip).

New York (JFK) to Copenhagen, Denmark: $418 (1/26-2/2; fly on Norwegian)

Boston to Beijing, China: $552 (11/5-19; fly on Eithad Airways)
For a $552 round-trip ticket to China, I could buy a separate round-trip ticket to Boston from DC and still save big on a trip to Beijing.

I’ve said it before and it’s still true, the Skyscanner app is so addictive. I constantly find myself playing around with the app to see where I can go today and for how much. Good luck and safe travels!

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Photo Credit: Aero Icarus

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