May 22, 2017

8 Jigsaw Puzzles that Show Your Kids the World

travel dreams puzzleIf your kids love to put together jigsaw puzzles, then a puzzle of the United States, or even the world, offers a great way to talk to your kids about travel and the world outside your door. Here are four great choices for little ones and elementary school children:

World Map Puzzle: This 33-piece puzzle from Melissa & Doug offers parents a great way to teach children about the world and each of the seven continents. 

Deluxe Wooden USA Map Puzzle: This 45-piece puzzle has pieces for just about every state (some pieces represent more than one state), along with images from each state, like a pineapple for Hawaii.

Deluxe Wooden USA Map Sound Puzzle: Kids will love this puzzle that teaches both states and capitals. Just put the puzzle piece over the state to hear and learn the name of the corresponding capital.

World Foam Map Puzzle: Little ones will love exploring the countries and oceans as they put together this 54-piece foam puzzle of the world. As a bonus, it’s easy to clean too. 

For older kids, it’s worth checking into these 1,000-piece puzzles of the country and the world. Sure, they’ll take longer to put together, but you may find yourself with the time over the holiday break. Plus, the images are amazing and will no doubt make you long to get out and travel with your kids. 

Travel Dreams Puzzle: This puzzle is best for kids ages 12 and up, and can easily be enjoyed by the whole family. The puzzle features lots of travel posters for destinations across the globe, including Ireland, Japan and Cuba.

Route 66 Puzzle: Here’s another great travel puzzle that will excite you and your family about a trip across Route 66. The puzzle shares travel posters for the Grand Canyon, Chicago, New Mexico and more.

License Plate Puzzle: This is a fun puzzle for any family planning a road trip with license plates for all 50 states plastered across this jigsaw puzzle. It’s a great way to teach your kids about the states.

United States of America Puzzle: This puzzle features a USA map in the middle and highlights images of Americana, like the White House and Mount Rushmore, even pizza and Barbie, on the outside edges.

Do you have any favorite travel puzzles? Let me know in the comments section below.

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