July 23, 2017

6 Things I Learned About Segway Tours

Boston by Segway TourOn Saturday, I rode a Segway for the very first time. I was up in Boston with a few girlfriends and one of my friends had booked us a tour with Boston by Segway. I was hesitant at first. I’d never gotten up on a Segway before and I always thought the tourists on Segways looked kind of goofy. 🙂

We took a two-hour Segway tour and I’d recommend this length over a one-hour tour since you spend a good chunk of time learning about safety and practicing on a Segway before hitting the streets. While I still felt kind of goofy, I’d definitely do it again in another city. Take a look at six things I learned about Segway tours. While specific to my experience in Boston, they should apply to Segway tours in other cities, too.

1. You’ll cover a lot of ground. Since you can travel at least twice as fast on a Segway (versus walking), you can cover more ground. You’ll see more of a city. It’s a good way to get the lay of the land before going deeper into museums, shopping and attractions around town. But…

2. You may not see historical attractions. When we decided on a Segway tour, rather than a bike tour or walking tour, I thought we’d be able to take in sights we would have seen while walking the Freedom Trail, but not so much. You can’t get very close to historic areas on a Segway (narrow cobblestone streets, lots of foot traffic, etc.), so keep this in mind.

3. You can’t take photos on a Segway. For safety reasons, you can’t take photos while on a moving Segway. Makes sense, of course. However, Saturday was a perfect day in Boston and there was so much I wanted to photograph while on the Segway. Fortunately, our guide took lots of shots around town. The shots are great…but they’re watermarked with “Boston by Segway” at the bottom of each picture.

4. You’ll ride your Segway through car traffic. Yes, we took our Segways around the fairly busy streets of Boston. There are a lot of bike lanes, which is nice, but a few times we had to ride in the car lanes. I never felt at risk of getting hit by a car, but I still wasn’t a fan. I did, however, like that we had a guide at both the front and back of our single file line to better ensure our safety.

5. There is an age minimum to ride a Segway. I guess this makes sense, right? Boston by Segway requires that participants be at least 14 years old. I’m 40 and I was nervous being in car traffic, so I really wouldn’t want any child of mine younger than 14 to be zipping in and out of traffic.

6. It’s fun and easy, but pedestrians will still point at you. I was a little nervous when I first got on the Segway (you should spend at least 10 minutes or so getting comfortable before taking a Segway out on the streets), but after a few minutes it was easy-peasy. And it was fun. However, though Segway tours have been around for some time, it still seems to be a novelty given the tourists that pointed as we passed.

Have you ever been on a Segway tour? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments section below.

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