July 22, 2017

5 Ways Kids Can Capture Travel Memories

summer fun mixbookLater this month, I’m taking my older girls (ages 9 & 10) to Naples and Sarasota, Florida. It will be a short four-day road trip, but I want them to hold onto the memories of the trip since we’ll be doing fun things like learning about dolphins on board the Dolphin Explorer and hunting for shark teeth at Venice Beach near Sarasota. With this in mind, here are five ways to hold onto these family adventures.

1. Write in a Travel Journal. You’ll find plenty of travel journals just for kids on Amazon. Travel journals are a great way to encourage kids to capture memories, but I love that it helps them to enhance their writing skills as they put on paper their travel experiences. Many travel journals also provide sections to paste in postcards, ticket stubs and other travel souvenirs.

2. Put Together a Travel Photo Book. I don’t need to tell you that kids love to do anything on the computer and making a photo album online couldn’t be easier for kids. Mixbook has plenty of travel-themed photo book templates to choose from, as does Snapfish, and your kids will no doubt love putting these books together to share with other family members.

3. Create a Personal Travel Blog. Back to kids loving computers…if they don’t want to write in a journal with a pencil, then why not set up a travel blog at MapQuest Travel Blogs. Kids can upload photos, drop pins on locations they visited, enter travel dates and write stories about their adventures. Friends and family can even subscribe to their blogs to follow along.

4. Share Photos on Instagram. Set up a private Instagram account for your children so they can take pictures to share throughout their trips. You may even want to create a unique hashtag so you and your kids can post trip photos and you can easily see all the pics on one screen. You can follow Kidventurous on Instagram to check out our upcoming pics from our Florida getaway.

5. Take Short Videos: If your kids have iPods or any other devices that can record video, have them take videos of their experiences to put up on Instagram or Vine to share with friends and family. I love videos since they’re easy ways to capture learning and silliness when on various adventures.

How do you like to capture travel memories when you vacation with your children? Let me know in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: Mixbook

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