July 22, 2017

5 New Ways to Save Money on Plane Tickets

Save Money on Plane TicketsI’m sure you’ve heard it all before. Be flexible if you want to save money on airline tickets. Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays for the best fares. Is there anything new to help travelers save money on airline tickets?

Save Money on Place Tickets

Since I’m on the hunt for six tickets to Orlando, I started to look around for advice from the experts and non-experts. Take a look at five new tips to save money on plane tickets that I’ve discovered.

1. Search for Fares in the Middle of the Night. I don’t want to get up any earlier than I need to (I wake up at 4:35 am as it is now), but if I can save myself a few hundred dollars, it may be worth a try. While many suggest buying plane tickets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, the more specific time to buy may be Wednesday mornings at 1 am. And, in the time zone of the airline’s hub.

2. Experiment with Booking Tickets Separately. Now, I don’t mean purchase two one-way tickets. I mean if you’re traveling with your spouse, for example, search for the fare for just one person, then look up the fare for two people. I tried this on Kayak and found the per-person price to be just $10 more when I searched for fares for two people, but others have had better luck and saved $100 or more this way.

3. Make Your Airfare Searches Private. If you’ve been searching on and off for the last few days or weeks, the airlines know and they may not show you the best airfares. So, set your browsing to private before you conduct your airfare searches. Alternatively, though maybe not as effective, clear cookies and even switch browsers to help ensure the best airfares are shown to you.

4. Cloak Your Location. Guess what, you may also get charged more based on the physical location from which you are searching (not your travel destination) for a plane ticket. The solution is to install VPN software on your computer so that your web searches are masked or routed through another country. Another is Hotspot Shield, which hides your IP address, and, therefore, your location. It also lets you easily switch between locations.

5. Sign Up for a Yapta Alert. Sure, Yapta has been around for a few years, but so few people take advantage of the alerts that it’s worth bringing up as a new way to save. Once you purchase an airline ticket (through the airline directly, not an aggregator, like Expedia), enter the details at Yapta.com, which will send an alert by text or email if the ticket price drops. If the drop exceeds the change fee, you’ll then receive a credit or travel voucher for the difference.

Do you have tips on how to save money on plane tickets? Share with us in the comments section!

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